The 5 Best Beaches On The Bodrum Peninsula

Updated 4 March 2020 | by Lara McComish

Head straight to the best beaches along the Bodrum peninsula with our Bodrum beach guide. 

1. Kadikalesi Beach

Best for: peace and quiet

Image credit: Bodrum Travel Guide

Kadikalesi is a coastal Turkish village near Bodrum, home to a wisteria decorated mosque and a small but unspoilt, sandy beach. With sun, sand and glorious blue seas; how will you spend a day on a beach you're more or less guaranteed to yourself? Read a chapter of your book, go paddling or maybe even try windsurfing; it's on the up for beginners, but under-the-radar enough for you to enjoy it practically in privacy. 

2. Fener Beach

Best for: watersports

Fener Beach in Turkey

If you want to go all out on the watersports, make a beeline straight to Fener Beach. This picturesque seaside spot is a mecca for water babies, namely the kitesurfers and windsurfers among you. Fener's afternoon surf benefits from its location on the tip of the peninsula opposite Kos. It's not the best for beginners, who are better placed in the shingle sands post-lunchtime. Experienced boarders, however, will get to ride swells up to 5 ft in unforgettable surroundings.

3. Gümüşlük Beach

Best for: seafood restaurants 

Gümüşlük Beach view of Rabbit Island

Gümüşlük is a quieter resort, known for its laidback pebble beach. Top up your tan on a sun lounger as you take in the sweeping views of Rabbit Island. When you're done oiling up, visit the harbour for more amazing panoramas as you tuck into the catch of the day. Gümüşlük is big on family-run seafood restaurants so there's plenty to find. If you're looking to blow the budget, try Gümüşcafe Fish Restaurant. 

4. Torba Beach

Best for: proximity to Bodrum

jetty in Torba, Turkey

Torba is a total beauty, set near fragrant pine forests just 4 miles from Bodrum town itself. It exudes all the quintessential charms of a small fishing village with the convenience of visiting in one neat little day trip. Find a spot of sand, dangle your toes sat on one of the jetties or go hiking around the western edge of the bay. What a way to take in the glittering Aegean Sea!

5. Karaincir Beach

Best for: shallow swimming

Karaincir Beach in Turkey

Karaincir Beach is a small village resort that boasts a wide beach and calm tides. The main sandy stretch is sheltered by hills protecting the waves from off-shore winds, making the sea predictably tame. The ideal setting for children or less unconfident swimmers, with no compromise on gorgeous seascapes. 

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