Owner Interview: Alan tells us about his romantic Italian Farmhouse

Updated 14 March 2019 | by Emily Benton

Trullo Italy

Alan Pearson is the proud owner of property, a 300 year old Trullo! The romantic Southern Italian farmhouse is so special, that it was even featured within 'A Place in the Sun Magazine' in 2010. Situated in an unspoilt, rural spot in southern Italy, this is the perfect property if you're looking for some peace and quiet from your holiday...


Tell us a bit about your property and its location...

Trullo Patrizia is set in 2 hectares of olive groves, on a hill, near to Alberobello in Puglia, Southern Italy. But what I hear you ask, is a Trullo?

A Trullo is an ancient stone building found in Puglia and particularly the area surrounding the town of Alberobello. They are dry-stone laid, using local limestone, and are reputed to have been created by local farmers to avoid tax in that they could easily be pulled down on a visit from the tax inspector! However, when you see a Trullo you would see why this is an unlikely story - the walls can be six feet thick! Traditionally, the family would live in the main trullo, with a fire place/oven and storage on a wooden floor overhead in the cone. Animals or produce would be kept in adjoining Trulli or a stone lamia (extension). 

No two are the same. As although they were built to a similar design, with one or more cones formed over a double wall of stone, they are built across the undulating countryside according to the local conditions and requirements. Some are whitewashed and some have mystical signs painted on the roofs.


Trullo Patrizia Italy Private Pool
Trullo Patrizia


Why do you love the area?

We love the Trulli, which are unique to the area. Puglia is the garden of Italy, with its rolling hills and 500 miles of unspoilt sandy beaches. The food is fantastic, the people are very friendly and the whole area is not very “touristy”. The locals are very laid-back and friendly. In combination with the hot summer sun, the beautiful coastline, and a generous sprinkling of mediaeval towns, villages, churches and castles, this makes for a very popular holiday destination, especially with the Italians.


Who would you recommend this property to?

This property would equally suit those who want an away-from-it-all holiday or a sightseeing holiday, of course with fantastic Italian cuisine as your food source! Apart from the fantastic design of the Trullo, the property benefits from being very private – set in its’ own grounds – and has a beautiful oval swimming pool. However, it is only 3 miles from picturesque Alberobello and 25 minutes from the beach, so there's something for everyone.


Trullo Patrizia outdoor barbecue area
Outdoor BBq area


Talk us through your routine for making sure your property is perfect for your guests when they arrive...

Trullo Patrizia has the benefit of our local manager, Donatella, who has had many years looking after her own B&B locally and managing other Trulli properties. We are regularly congratulated on how pristine the Trullo and garden are for our guests. Our managers Donatella and Antonio, are also good friends. They are both fluent in several languages, have a long experience in tourism, and Donatella is a great cook! This means that besides locally assisting our clients, they can also provide some extra services, such as:

1) Cookery lessons (with two weeks advanced booking) 
2) A range of produce such as organic extra-virgin olive oil, home-made cheese, fresh pastas, breads, marmalades, local sweets and various preserves! 


Finally, give us a recommendation for either your favourite local restaurant!

Gli Ulivi is our favourite local restaurant – always full of Italians, which is always the best recommendation! The food and service are second to none. You can sit under the stars in the gorgeous garden and enjoy the biggest antipasti you have ever seen! Only order one between two!


Trullo Patrizia Trullo Cones Italy
The cones of Trullo Patrizia by night

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