Is Egypt Safe To Visit?

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Lara McComish

Ancient pyramids in Egypt

Home to ancient pyramids, iconic temples and mile-upon-mile of breathtaking beaches, it's easy to see why Egypt has enticed tourists for decades.  We've looked at the latest travel advice to bring you this guide on visiting Egypt. 

So, is it safe to travel to Egypt?

Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt

Egypt's holiday image has been shaken by political unrest and terror warnings in recent years. However, holidays to Egypt are safe providing you exercise caution. This age-old nation has had its plights, but it is a beautiful, historic country that relies on tourism. There are some travel restrictions in place but most tourist destinations are considered safe, with tourism figures indicating a resurgence. The latest travel advice says that around 319,000 Brits visited Egypt in 2017 up from 231,000 in 2016. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) explicitly stated that most of these visits were trouble-free.

At the time of publishing, the following travel restrictions are in place:

  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against travel to North Sinai, located in the north-east of the country. However, this region has never been much of a tourist trap due to its association with criminal activity and potential terror threats.
  • It also advises against all but essential travel to South Sinai bar the area within the ever-popular Sharm El Sheikh perimeter barrier. 
  • While Sharm El Sheikh itself is considered safe, there remains a warning over non-essential air travel to or from the Red Sea resort.

What other advice does the FCO give?

The FCO encourages vigilance at all times throughout travels in Egypt. You should always follow the advice of local security officials, particularly during religious festivals. Be sure to avoid getting involved in protests and demonstrations. Always carry photo ID with you and take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling.

Here's how to contact the emergency services should you need any assistance:  

Emergency service: Contact number:
Police 122
Ambulance 123
Fire 180

What do I need to travel to Egypt?

Camel resting in shadow on the beach of Hurghada, Egypt

If you're travelling from the United Kingdom, you will need the following: 


A bit of a given, but always worthy of a friendly reminder. Your passport will also need to be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into Egypt.


British passport holders typically need a visa to enter Egypt. You can get a visa online at Visa2Egypt or pick one on arrival, but we'd recommend getting it sorted before you travel.

Egyptian pound

So you can pay to get around by camel. Speaking of which...


Optional, but highly recommended. 

The big sights to see in Egypt

Admire the remains of ancient Egypt 

Ancient Spinx statue in Egypt

Retrace the steps of pharaohs in one of the world's most ancient civilisations - the Giza pyramids and the iconic Sphinx sculpture are must-sees!

Cruise along the River Nile 

River Nile tourist boat cruise

Drift along the world's most famous river on a tourist cruise along the River Nile. 

Unwind on Hurghada Beach

Beach in Hurghada

Discover the beach that got everyone talking about the Red Sea Riviera.

Visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo 

Tutankhamun's death mask

It's home to the world's largest collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts, which includes Tutankhamun's death mask.

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