Clickstay On Tour: Holly in Vegas

Updated 27 February 2019 | by Nakita Mason

We have a saying at Clickstay when one of our team goes on holiday: ‘think magpie’. No, we don’t mean start filling your pockets with ill-gotten trinkets, but rather, keep your eyes and ears open for any little scrap of inside knowledge that a fellow traveller might want to know. Being a curious lot and well and truly bitten by the wanderlust bug, there’s invariably someone jetting off somewhere and in this case, it was our resident Partnerships Executive, Holly.

Holly’s destination was the bright-lights of Vegas and once she was back we sat her down for an interview!

1 Where exactly in Vegas did you go to?

vegas sign















"The main strip right in the heart of things and The Grand Canyon."

2 What made you choose Vegas? 

"A friend’s birthday and it has always been on my bucket list."

3 What type of holiday was it?


"A holiday for a group of friends, there was six of us all in all."

4 Did Vegas fulfil your specific holiday needs?

"My friend had an amazing birthday and one she won’t forget! So yes it definitely had everything we could hope for!"

5: What was the weather like?

"The weather was great we were expecting it to be 18 degrees, but we got 25 degrees and lovely sunshine all week which was great for February! A little chilly in the evening but certainly nothing to complain about."

6: Would you say Vegas has ‘something for everyone’ or is it a destination for a particular type of holiday?

"Vegas has it all, and can really suit anyone. You can see a show- Diana Ross was there whilst we were, Celine Dion too. You can also see magic shows, dabble in the casinos, sit by a pool, do adventure sports, shop, and last but not least-party!"

7: Can you tell me a few of the key things you did/visited – which did you enjoy the most?

"There was so much to do and it's hard to pick a favourite! On one occasion we went sand dune buggying in the middle of nowhere in the blazing sun, going up and down massive sand dunes which was so much fun! We also visited the Grand Canyon with its amazing views and landscape which was a major highlight for us and something I would recommend to anyone!

We also visited some casinos and played roulette (of course! ) and we even did some shooting at a machine gun range too!

It was also great being around during the Super Bowl weekend to soak up the great atmosphere and feel part of the whole thing"

8: Did anything surprise you about Vegas?

"The size of the hotels- they are massive- just like massive shopping centers. The strip is huge and can take up to two hours to walk!

But the biggest surprise? I only saw one Elvis!"

9: Have you got any advice for anyone considering a holiday to Vegas?

"Check out what’s on before you go as you can easily get caught up when you are there and run out of days in which to do everything!"

10: Would you return and if so, would you change anything?

"I would return NOW! It was so much fun and like another world and I wouldn't change a thing!"

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