11 Free Things To Do In Palma de Majorca

Updated 29 April 2021 | by Lara McComish

Palma de Majorca is the cosmopolitan capital of Majorca, set in the beautiful Balearic Islands. It's a coastal resort city brimming with fun things for frugal families to do. Here's our roundup of things to do in and around Palma de Majorca without spending a single euro. 

1. Chill out in Parc del Mar

Parque del Mar near Palma Cathedral in Majorca

If visiting Palma Cathedral and the neighbouring Royal Palace of La Almundania is on your to-do list but not in your budget, an afternoon in Parque del Mar could be your answer. This picturesque park, with its large lake, offers fantastic views of both sights, without paying either attractions' entry costs. Plus, just look at! Talk about the perfect place for a picnic with a view.

2. Go to the beach

Palma de Majorca beach

Ca'n Pere Antoni is a popular Blue Flag beach that is well-suited for family holidays in Palma. This buzzy beach's main selling points are its amenities, including a strong lifeguard presence, toilets and showers. Additionally, its position just 1 kilometre away from Palma Cathedral makes it the closest beach to the city centre by far. If you're willing to head out of town a little, then we need to give a shoutout to Es Trenc. This beautiful, white sandy stretch offers unspoilt sands thanks to its national park status. 

3. See the Arco de la Drassana

This enormous archway is thought to have been built in the 18th century, when Majorca was under Arab rule. You can take this in from a walk along part of the city wall that sits parallel to the Parc de la Mar – and while you do, consider that the sea once ran up to this wall. Children will like seeing the elegant swans on the pond.

4. Discover Palma's Old Town

Passeig del Born in Palma de Majorca

A wander through the meandering, narrow streets of Palma’s old town is a must when visiting. You’ll find Gothic churches, pretty urban gardens, al-fresco cafes and old squares, as well as elegant streets with upmarket boutiques, such as the Passeig del Born. The old town comes alive with bustling tapas bars in the evening.

5. Visit the Castell de Bellver

This unique, circular 14th Century castle sits on a hill outside Palma and is one of the key tourist attractions of Majorca. “Bellver” means lovely view in Catalan, and when you are here be sure to climb to the top to appreciate why it was named that, as well as enjoying the city museum that is hosted here. Children will enjoy the horror of the dungeon; a five metre deep prison with only one small window into which captives were flung. The castle is free to visit on Sundays.

6. Go to the Museum of Spanish Modern Art

Couple sat down enjoying an art gallery exhibition

As a city, Palma has a colourful artistic history. There are many local galleries to choose from, but the best free gallery is Museau Fundacion Juan March. The avant-garde facing museum includes pieces by famous Spaniards including Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and more.

7. Walk along the Paseo Maritimo (Palma de Majorca's promenade)

Palma de Majorca's promenade, the Paseo Maritimo

A stroll along here takes you along Palma’s seafront, under date palms, along a well-maintained walkway. You’ll pass some of the key buildings in Palma on one side, and the yacht-filled sea on the other. You can walk from Porto Pi to the former traditional fishing village of Portixol – now a very smart and trendy suburb of Palma.

8. Visit the Juan Miro Fundacio

Juan Miro Fundacio Palma de Majorca

This inspiring space includes a beautiful, modern art gallery and the studio where Miro worked, within a fabulous garden setting. Kids will love spotting the turtles in the large pond! The architecture alone, inside and outside the gallery, is worth seeing. Get in for free on Saturdays from 3 - 6 pm and/or the first Sunday of every month from 10 am - 3 pm.

9. Go on a sculpture walk

Manolo Paz’s brick egg in Carrer Conquistador, Palma de Majorca

The streets of Palma are decorated with unique sculptures. Why not spend a day doing a sculpture walk in town? Ones we recommend you stick on your checklist include Miro's Egg in Carrer Conquistador, 'Nancy' by Alexander Calder in Jardine de s’Hort del Rei, Manolo Paz’s brick egg in the Carrer de la Pólvora and a general mooch outside the Es Baluard art gallery.

10. Visit Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor near Palma in Majorca

Cap de Formentor is an absolute must for anyone looking for day trip ideas from Palma. This wild peninsula is positioned at the most northern point of Majorca and offers wondrous sea views. It's totally free to take in the sight - the only expense would be the bus fare or car rental needed to get to the top. It's a narrow and twisty ride uphill, but you can't put a price on a 360° vista. 

11. Go celebrity-spotting

Secretive celebrity on a boat

Keep your eyes peeled when in Palma! We recommend spending some time down at the waterfront for this one. James Blunt, Rafa Nadal, Rod Stewart, Catherine Zeta Jones, Michelle Obama, the Spanish royal family – all have been spotted sailing in Majorcan waters so it’s worth checking out the marina with its superyachts to see who you can see!

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