10 Reasons You Should Definitely Go To Goa

Updated 5 March 2020 | by Alex Georgiades
10 Reasons You Should Definitely Go To Goa

One of the world's most popular leisure destinations, Goa boasts a remarkably diverse landscape; explore lush green forests, lazy rivers, and jungles, finding captivating scenery in the North and sun-kissed beaches in the south. Whilst it remains India's smallest state by a considerable margin, there is no shortage of charm and character that is just itching to be discovered...


1. The Beaches

With over 75 miles of virtually uninterrupted coastline, in no time at all you'll be finding yourself on one of the beautiful golden sand beaches, surrounded by bright green palm trees and turquoise shores.

Beach in Goa


2. The Spirituality

The crop of spiritual activities circulating in Goa seems to flourish even more every year; find sunrise yoga sessions on the beach, reiki healing retreats and much more in this slow-paced paradise.


3. The Markets

Discover exotic, vibrant and extravagant marketplaces, full of quirky trinkets, unique spices and handmade accessories. The Saturday night bazaar in Arpora, Inigo's Night Market and the Mapusa Market are definitely worth visiting!

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4. The Romance

Regarded as one of the ultimate honeymoon destinations, a romantic break in Goa consists of spiritual massages, majestic waterfalls, coconut palms and dinners on the beach -irresistible.


5. The Activities

Whilst India is known for its relaxing spiritual practices, there is no shortage of active opportunities here, with every water sport under the sun on offer, as well as hikes, climbs and dives!


6. The Nightlife

With Asia's Midnight and Full-Moon parties reaching world-wide recognition, you know you're in for a great time when partying in Goa, with a plethora of colourful bars and clubs to choose from!


7. The Culture

With a unique mix of Portuguese and Hindi influences, the elegance and artistry of Goa's many churches are bound to catch your attention. Visit Goa's Old town to experience the glorious UNESCO heritage site for yourself.


8. The Food

Be aroused by scents, spices and flavours that your senses have never experienced before with Goa's unique cuisine. Whether it's fish curry rice or a piquant vindaloo, Goa will leave your taste-buds tingling. 


9. People

Whilst Goa is an extraordinary location in itself, it is the optimistic, friendly and hard-working locals that fill it with the infectious atmosphere it is so famous for.

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10. You Can Live Next To The Beach

Enjoy a luxury stay, surrounded by culture, natural beauty and all the other ingredients that make a holiday so memorable!


For us, Goa really has it all. Fancy spending some time in your own luxury villa? See our villas in Goa now...