Villarenters is getting a bit of a makeover...

From late November, Villarenters will be doing business as As ever, we are dedicated to bringing you perfect holiday homes but the new website will be far snazzier, and renters and owners alike will be happier with their booking experiences. We are still ‘the home for villa holiday lovers’, but our new name reflects the diversity of our range of properties and locations - we are not just about villas in Spain, we’re about apartments, riads, cottages, ski chalets, and even castles – all over the world!

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What is Clickstay all about?

Clickstay is simply a better version of Villarenters, the website for finding that perfect holiday home. We are currently working on bringing you a new and improved website, and we’ve considered all the little bits and bobs that we got wrong first time round. This is just the first stage of our plans – the Villarenters team have many more exciting ideas for the future…

Will this affect renters and owners?

Not at all. From the switchover date, login details will stay the same for both renters and owners. The ‘Manage Your Booking’ page will be transferred directly to the new Clickstay website, so all the information that renters may need for their holiday will be easy to find, and will not have changed. You can still contact us on the same phone numbers and email addresses. Basically, we want the switchover to be a super-smooth, seamless transition - neither affecting the renter’s side of the booking process, or the owners. ‘Business as usual’ is the aim of the game.

What we offer

Thousands of holiday villas, cottages, apartments... all over the world!

Excellent customer service – we are a small and caring team who are always happy to chat

A platform for owners to advertise their beautiful properties and boost their businesses

A new and easy-to-use website, and a simple booking and payment process

A super snazzy new blog, full of destination information, holiday inspiration and owner interviews – read our existing one here.

Some questions answered

Q: Can I still use my existing villarenters login credentials on the new site?

A: Yes. You will be able to login to new site with the same username and password.

Q: Will this affect any of my existing bookings I made through Villarenters?

A: No, it will not. The contract is between you and the property owner.

Q: Will all my existing data (i.e. bookings), be transfered to the new site?

A: Yes. All your data including bookings as well as all other history you had with Villarenters, will be transfered to the new site.

Q: Why are you switching to Clickstay?

A: While Villarenters offers a great service and access to thousands of fantastic villas, the website design could no longer keep up with the changes in the market and our customers needs, so it was time for a change. We also have exciting plans to offer more and more holiday accommodation choices, and we wanted our new site to reflect that so the timing was perfect to move to our new brand. We hope you will be as pleased with the improvements as we are!

If you’ve found all of this a little confusing and want to speak to one of the Villarenters team about the switchover you can contact us on our parent site:

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Destinations and Inspirations

Villa holiday newbie? Come on in and we’ll show you what you’ve been missing…

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View our top destinations on Villarenters where we have over 12,000 holiday properties for rent across 71 countries around the world, and this range is only going to get bigger and better as we make the switch to Clickstay. Our most popular destination is Spain, but if you want to indulge your adventurous side, we have properties in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and even Indonesia.

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Do you want to do something different for your next holiday, but don’t know where to start? Check out our Inspirations page on Villarenters to find the perfect spots for sunsets, scuba-diving, or even wine-tasting.