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Istanbul is an energetic city with an incredible history. Spanning Asia and Europe, divided by the Bosphorus, it offers a wealth of cultural sites, ancient palaces and ornate mosques influenced by its various visitors and conquerors.

The old City evidences the former ruling empires; a Roman hippodrome, the incredible Topkapi Palace, for centuries home to the Ottoman sultans, the spectacular Blue Mosque, the iconic Christian basilica turned mosque turned museum Hagia Sophia. Take a boat cruise to see the lavish mansions, fortresses and mosques lining the city’s riverbank.

Venders of Turkish breads and tea-sellers walk the streets, Turkish Delight shops abound, and excellent eateries range from low-key kebab houses to exclusive restaurants. Peaks of vibrant spices are displayed at the Spice Bazaar, and the Grand Bazaar should not be missed; a labyrinth of vaulted lanes with thousands of tempting kiosks.

From the dawn summons pouring melodically from the city’s thousands of minarets, to the sunset over the glorious skyline, a villa holiday in Istanbul will stay with you forever.