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Mao-Mahon has been Menorca's capital city since the British moved it from Cuitadella in 1721. Situated on the island's east coast, it is home to over 20,000 inhabitants. This historic harbour town is known for its busy beach resorts, beautiful Georgian architecture, clear blue waters and fine, sandy coastline. It also has the biggest natural port in the Mediterranean; over 6km long with a history that spans as far back as the 3rd century.

Stroll down the old town's historic streets and discover elegant 17th century houses and winding sun-bleached lanes, where tropical palm trees provide shade and Mediterranean charm. Sightseeing hotspots include Santa Maria church with its 19th century organ and the Museum of Menorca in the heart of the city. Preserving the island's rich cultural heritage, this baroque style museum holds regular art exhibitions and can be found in the old Franciscan convent. The historic port is where this resort really comes to life. Aside from its many restaurants and bars, its two islands - the island of the King and Lazereto tell the story of the Phoenicians, Rhodians and Greeks. The remains of Saint Philip's fort can be found here and it is always bustling with tourists looking to explore the capital's rich history.

Mao-Mahon's side streets are dotted with lively cafés, authentic Menorcan restaurants and plenty of shopping boutiques. There are also traditional markets where you can find a wide range of gifts and delicacies, from local fish to arts and crafts. Keep in mind though that siesta applies here from 1pm-5pm! When it comes to nightlife Menorca is pretty tame in comparison to its lively neighbours Ibiza and Majorca; however, opposite the ferry terminal you will find some small scale bars and clubs that play a mix of Latin music,70's, 80's and 90's dance music.

There are countless bays and small secluded beaches dotted all over Menorca's east coast, nestled between the rock formations and Mediterranean cliffs. Soak up the sunshine with summer activities at the popular nearby beach resorts: S'Algar, Es Castell, Punta Prima and Sant Lluís. However if solitude and peace and quiet is what you seek, then the small coves in the pine woods and red sandy beaches will provide all the tranquility you need.