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Renter: Agnieszka K. Agnieszka K.
Agnieszka K. September 2018

Basically everything was ok But in the day before the trip there was no warm water in the tap. It was our last evening and we did not report this situation anymore. As for the rest of the house and the area, they are only oh and oh. I would recommend. Great vacation. I was the first time with Interchom. But certainly not the last.

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Renter: Eddie B. Eddie B.
Eddie B. August 2018

Everything was present complete contents inventory in the kitchen was very extensive. Swimming pool cleaned twice a week. Inside it is clean and spacious bedrooms.

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Renter: R. K. R. K.
R. K. August 2018

Excellent villa in a quiet residential area. Nice swimming pool, which is regularly cleaned. The garden around it is limited. A spacious verranda! The rooms, bathrooms and beds are fine. A nice view of the sea from the roof terrace. The service of Interhome can be improved. So they did not know on arrival whether our house had already been cleaned (we had to wait in the end) and we had to wait 3 days (and often call) on a new dishwasher.

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Renter: Stephane H. Stephane H.
Stephane H. July 2018

The villa is very nice but aging. The well proportioned parts, the equipment is of good quality and various. The pool is spacious. The environment is calm, sunny. The cleaning of the pool is done regularly. The description is, however, the Clim is only in the living room, to refresh the other rooms, you must anticipate the sunset and leave everything open. Concerning internet, the observation is identical, it is present, but the flow is almost non-existent. In the room after the kitchen, there is a storage place that gives off a very unpleasant oil smell. This room is used for washing, so obligatorily used. A vigilance regarding the floor of the house with feet or even shoes, slightly wet, it becomes an ice rink and a risk of falling. No security pool for children. Taking into account the limits of air conditioning and internet, the price must be revised downward.

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