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The capital and city port of Las Palmas lies in the north-eastern side of Gran Canaria. The town's impressive port serves as a harbour to all kinds of ships, from luxury cruisers to small fishing boats. There are also daily routes to neighbouring resorts within the archipelagos, where you can enjoy a day of island hopping. The city boasts a glorious coast, from lively man-made beaches to golden sand dunes and even options for naturalists. The four most popular are Alcaravaneras and La Laja to the east side and Las Canteras and El Confital to the west. The beaches along the east sstretch along the GC-1 highway and Alcaravaneras is located opposite the city's main port. The west boasts many Blue Flag beaches, with perfect conditions for surfing. For outdoor enthusiasts, there is also a hiking area in La Isleta in the north.

Las Palmas has a vibrant nightlife, with clubs, cocktail bars and live music venues open well into the night and early morning. Dance the night away to electronic music, hard rock or mellow lounge, but you'll find the party doesn't start until after midnight! There are several casinos on the island; the two most popular being Gran Casino and Costa Meloneras in Mespalomas.

Apart from historic buildings like Santa Ana church and the museums in Vegueta quarter, there is plenty to do and see as a family. Santa Catalina Park in the north is a lovely spot to have a break from the midday sun. There is also a science museum, cultural centre, plenty of cafés and a children's area with attractions right on the seafront. Visit one of the many local street markets selling fresh produce, souvenirs and handcrafted goods. Saturdays are the best time to go, when the crowds are busiest.