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Villas and apartments in El Hierro

Find the perfect holiday rental in the volcanic Canary Island of EL Hierro

Discover this hidden diamond and enjoy its unspoiled volcanic landscape and year-round sunshine

Explore the beaches of El Hierro, the Canaries' smallest, most untouched island

The smallest of the Canaries, El Hierro is a little slice of paradise that lies undiscovered by many tourists who visit Spain’s archipelago. It is situated at the most southwestern point of the Canaries and can be accessed via sea and air. While direct flights from the UK and Europe are a rarity, there are connecting flights via larger islands like Tenerife or Garan Canaria. Renting a boat to sail between islands is also an option; the perfect opportunity for a romantic journey, or bonding time with family.

Not your typical beach holiday destination, El Hierro is so much more, with a stunning landscape that can be compared to La Gomera's. The difference is El Hierro's is a bit less steep and easier to traverse when hiking. The mountain ridge around Fronetera stretches from the southwestern tip to the northeast of the island, and is a UNESCO biosphere region boasting an array of natural wonders; it also offers the most spectacular view of the surrounding valley. La Llania is a nature lover’s paradise, home to lush green pine forests. Thrill-seekers are spoilt for choice here with opportunities for parasailing, paragliding, potholing and hiking.

Unwind on the family-friendly, black volcanic sand beaches, surrounded by a mountainous rocky landscape. Dive some twenty or thirty meters below and discover a whole new world underwater, full of tropical marine life and mysterious caverns. If diving isn’t your thing, stay on deck and observe the wildlife from above, with the gentle sea breeze to keep you cool. Diving, snorkelling, dolphin and wale watching trips can be found dotted across the island, but possibly the most popular is Dive Center El Bajón.

The smaller Canary Islands like El Hierro, La Gomera and La Palma have a distinct charm to them. Discover breath-taking wonders like the natural pool of Charco Azul,where the glowing azure waters are lit up by the sun’s rays. The rugged terrain and pristine coastline offers peace and tranquillity, or thrills and excitement, depending on the experience you want. Enjoy it all from one of the traditional style rentals Clickstay offers.