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We had fabulous time - location was superb. Very clean. We had a problem on arrival in that one of our party got stuck in the bathroom as the handle would not release the catch from the door frame. Yolanda had just left us and we did manage to get hold of her and she returned and kept insisting our friend needed to do something with the lock higher up but that was not even the issue and was not locked - the issue was a faulty handle - Yolanda tried to get hold of Paulo??? but he seemed to be 'always on his way' and what started off as something a little amusing soon developed into a lengthy period where Yolanda could not assist or did not seem to have the means to get assistance and our friend was stuck in there for over 45 mins until all of a sudden having tried furiously for that entire period the door suddenly released - luck rather than anything else. We said the handle needed looking at as we did not want to risk a repeat but response seemed to be well its ok now so it was just left - as result none of us closed the door for remainder of the stay and we stuck note on saying occupied - not ideal - this needs checking for future. That said Yolanda was good initially showing us around the apartment and vicinity before this happened Couple suggestions that you may want to consider as improvements - need to replace pillows - all ladies there said that - just past their best - maybe consider investing in new patio table and chairs - current looked more kitchen style than patio and metal table edge got really hot in sun so kept burning arms etc - not the end of the world just a suggestion Overall though great apartment in great place - loved the balcony and the size of it - just what we needed to soak up the rays and we would return


October 2016