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We were a little sceptical when booking this villa for our 2 week holiday to Cyprus basically because the pictures looked so fantastic and the price was quite a bit lower than other villas that we had been looking at, despite the other villas appearing nowhere near as nice in their pictures. Additionally, on this website the villa had no reviews which added to our scepticism. Put simply, it seemed too good to be true. However, our holiday was one of the best we have ever had and the villa most definitely lived up to its expectations - it was an outstanding accommodation. It is located on a hill a minutes drive from the small village/town of Latchi, which is a lovely little place with plenty of bars and restaurants as well as a decent beach. It is also only a half hour or 45 minute drive to Coral Bay area and Paphos city. Both places are gorgeous and have a lot of things to do and places to see. In regard to nearby activities, Id definitely recommend hiring a boat for the day or at least a few hours from one of the boat hiring companies on Latchis harbour (there is a few companies to choose from but Georges Watersports gave us a brilliant deal that the other companies wouldnt even consider - they also thew in loads of freebies and were just great in dealing with us so go with them). However, our favourite site and activity was visiting Adonis Baths, where you can jump of loads of different levels of cliff edges or tree trunks into a beautiful pool at the bottom of a waterfall. It is important to also note that if you do rent this villa (which if you havent already guessed, I highly recommend) you should DEFINITELY avoid driving the back roads that Google maps seem to consider normal, drivable roads. They were seriously undrivable at parts and sometimes even lead to dead ends of padlocked roads. We would have really appreciated someone recommending us to stick to the main roads as much as possible for any journey - it would have saved us some horrible journeys, wasted petrol, car damage, and wasted time most importantly. Lastly, the owner of the villa is a really lovely person who clearly was very motivated to ensure we had as nice and comfortable a stay as possible. We had no problems with the villa throughout the stay, except for their being a problem with the internet once for a couple hours. But as soon as we phoned the owner, it was explained and sorted very quickly. Overall, this villa is unbelievable value for money and we highly recommend to other couples. But it would also clearly be suitable for other parties like families and groups of friends as well as we had 2 spare bedrooms that went to waste. 10/10!


May 2014