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This is a well presented spacious apartment in a sympathetically refurbished 16th century historical building. It has all of the usual modern conveniences, and yet externally retains all of the original classic and romantic character. The apartment is fitted out with quality furniture and fittings, and is professionally cleaned and managed by local agent and cleaners who live nearby, and who are on hand for additional assistance if needed. Fresh towels and linen are included in the price for every booking, renewed weekly for longer bookings.

The apartment is truly situated in the old-town "Se", neighborhood of the city, within the UNESCO World Heritage Classified Zone, (Inside the 14th-century Romanesque wall), on the street most famous for the Tea-trade that existed in Oporto when it was known as the "Gateway to the East". This was in the days when tea in Europe was kept under lock and key, fought over, and died for on the high seas, and ownership of which was the domain of only the very rich and opulent.

Overlooking the 12th century Se (Cathedral), the apartment is within in easy walking distance of the Port Wine Cellars, and the Ribeira Restaurants, Bars, and Nightclubs via the Stunning Tourist attractions of the Eiffel Inspired Dom Luis Bridge, and the ultra modern Funicular respectively. Each of these are within two minutes walk of the apartment. Yet the area of the apartment is quieter at night. Additionally, the main Porto shopping malls and City Commercial Centre are 5 minutes walk in the opposite direction. With the Metro literally 30m from the doorstep, this is a winning location on all counts.

Porto City Centre and Waterfront area is unique in the world, worthy of UNESCO world heritage status, because due to a lack of historical development funding, it is one of the few places left in the world with large areas of ancient period city buildings which have been left untouched and undeveloped for many hundreds of years. The intention of UNESCO funding is to return the area to its former glory by sympathetic refurbishment of these picturesque character heritage buildings, and appropriately upgrading the City infrastructure without impacting the period character of downtown Oporto. Hence the refurbishment of our own apartment building in 2005-2006. Though the the area of the apartment is heavily frequented by tourists, it is mainly populated by Porto City residents carrying out their daily business, as they have done for centuries. Thus this apartment is ideal for guests who seek the opportunity to sample life living as the Portuguese do in Porto. The local people are the most honest, friendly, hardworking, and family oriented folks we have ever had the pleasure to meet anywhere in the world. Smile! You are in safe hands! However, the area is not a holiday camp specifically manufactured for tourists. We would respectfully advise future guests who are likely to be intimidated by living in the ancient cultural ambience of the centre of the oldest city in one of the oldest countries in Europe to seek accommodation elsewhere.

The apartment building itself has security glass door and CCTV door entry system.

There is some parking provision outside the apartment, though no car is needed. A Metro trip from the new state of the art Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro airport to the apartment costs less than 2 Euros per person. Metros run at least every 20 minutes from dawn into the small hours of the morning. The Airport Metro terminal is integrated within the airport terminal, and the Porto Metro system itself is new and state of the art. Those Metro terminals which are within the historical parts of Porto city are hidden underground so as to preserve the historical ambience of old Oporto. In the view of the Se Cathedral from the apartment balconies (See photos), there is actually a silent hidden metro line running underground, between the apartment and the Se Cathedral, linking North and South Porto, across the Douro via the top level of the Dom Luis Bridge, shared only by pedestrians. The nearest escalator exit from this line is near the top of Avenida de Dom Henriques, almost on the apartment doorstep. You can see this by following the map link provided, select satellite view, and zoom in...

The Metro Violet line runs from Porto City Centre to the international airport, Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro.

For travellers with lots of luggage, a taxi is recommended. This takes 20-30 minutes to make the 13km trip to or from the airport, and costs 25-30 Euros.

Also, the apartment is within easy walking distance of Sao Bento Railway station.

For travelling within Porto City, Walking, the Metro, Buses, and Trams are strongly recommended where possible, in preference to driving. Parking spaces are scarce, and many roads are inaccessible by car.

For travelling further afield outside Porto old-town, the Metro provides a convenient link to most areas in Grande Porto. The Railway similarly provides links to areas all over Portugal.

The top level of the Eiffel inspired Dom Luis Bridge, "Ponte de Luís I", extends some 100m or so inland on either side of the Douro (to within one minutes walk from the apartment), and has stunning panoramic views over Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia, and up/down the Douro. This is a tranquil and ideal vantage point from which to plan tours.

Since the bridge was renovated and converted during 2005, the upper level now carries only Metro trains and pedestrians.

For folks travelling with infants, rugged large-wheeled buggies are advisable. Many of The older and more interesting streets and walkways of Porto are not accessible by car, and are cobbled with large irregular stones and steps, not easily negotiated with smaller wheeled buggies (We know this from experience!).

For small children in buggies, the wheelchair-bound, or folks with walking disabilities, the apartment has some conveniences, with the closeness of the Metro and Funicular Entrances. The building elevator provides easy access to the apartment. However there are 4 initial steps from the foyer to the elevator, hence the reason we have not marked the apartment as being entirely suitable for disabled folks.

6 days stay is minimum preferred booking during months April through to September. Long weekend enquiries are welcome outside these months. Also, last minute short break requests for any vacant period (See discounts for late bookings) will be considered.

Breakage deposits are sometimes negotiable, depending on your party. If you think it is too high, let us know...

Places to go
São João Festival (St John Festival) -


"This is the biggest festival on the Porto calendar, and one of Europes liveliest street parties. There is a religious element to the festival, but it is first and foremost a huge party that attracts people from all over the country to Porto’s old town centre - a UNESCO World Heritage Site that makes a stunning background for the revelries. Loud music pumps up from huge amplifiers set up on the main square, the smell of sardines being grilled on makeshift barbecues fills the streets, lit up balloons eerily go up in the summer evening sky, and boats ply the river with their loads of merry locals and tourists keen to get the best spot for the main event - the spectacular firework display. Afterwards revellers take to the narrow streets of the old town armed with plastic hammers and wild garlic stalks, banging each other on the head - a tradition whose origins nobody seems to remember, but which is fervently continued every year. The centre of the action then shifts to the beaches on the Douro estuary for a beach party that usually lasts well into the early hours".

Party gets going at around 20:00. Fireworks start at 00:00.


"The old cliché that Porto works while Lisbon plays is redundant on June 24, when Portugal’s second city teaches the capital a thing or two about having fun. The Festa do São João is a magnificent display of midsummer madness – one giant street party, with every available outdoor space in Porto given over to a full night of eating, drinking and dancing to welcome in the city’s saint’s day. Fireworks, bonfires and roaming bands of plastic hammer- and leek-wielding lunatics keep the crowds entertained all night – traditionally, you’re meant to witness the first majestic rays of dawn down on the beaches of Foz do Douro, with the day of São João itself spent recovering, a regatta of traditional boats down the Rio Douro providing a gentle antidote to the night before. "

Ribeira Waterfront Bars and Cafes - walk South Westwards, downhill for 10 minutes. Alternatively, head South Eastwards for 3 minutes or so to the Batalha (Rua de Augusto Rosa), and take the "Funicular dos Guindais". This is a hillside rail-car which travels only between two stops, up and down the steep hillside, between the Batalha, and the Ribeira, offering panoramic views over the Douro and Dom Luis Bridge, alighting at the foot of the Bridge, which is the start of the Ribeira. Again, specially useful for folks with walking disabilities, or small children.

Shopping Malls - Walk North Eastwards up Rua Cha, for 3 to 4 minutes, towards the Praca da Batalha square, and continue around the edge of the square for a further minute or so, onto Rua de Coelho Neto. This is the start of the main shopping run, extending 200m or to the start of Rua de Santos Pousada, which then goes on for over a kilometre North Eastwards, non-stop shops, malls, and markets. Watch out also for the Majestic Cafe on this road, this is a great place to stop for a break from shopping.

Praca da Liberdade - Walk for 3 minutes or so North Westwards, past Sao Bento Railway station, into this grand square, check out the statues, and have a look at the surrounding buildings, headed by the monumental Council Buildings, the "Antiga Casa Pia". This square is a popular place to stop for a break, or picnic. Also, hidden within an excavation beneath this square is the newly constructed Praca da Liberdade Metro train station.

Riverboat tours - Start at the Ribeira and go Eastwards up the Douro, offering views of the scenic Douro Valley and vineyards - a further UNESCO world heritage site.

Vila Nova de Gaia Hilltop and monastery - Walk 2 minutes or so Southwards onto the top level of Dom Luis Bridge, then a 5 further minutes across the bridge. For infants, there is a park here with activity playground. Great views over Porto for everyone.

Vila Nova de Gaia Wine houses and restuarants - 5 minutes or so via pedestrian walkways on the lower level of Dom Luis bridge from Ribeira, or 8 minutes walk down through the hillside streets from VN de Gaia hilltop. This is around 20 minutes walk from the apartment by either route. The waterfront here on the opposite side of the river from Porto Ribeira is lined with ultra-modern Restuarant complexes, in stark contrast to the historic sites of the Ribeira, but still stylish in a very different way. On this bank also are the many famous Port Wine houses, and another activity park for young children.

Espinho Beach - Take the Aveiro line train from Sao Bento railway station to Espinho station (32 minutes), and visit this famous beach situated on the atlantic coast at the bottom of Vila Nova de Gaia, South of the Douro.

Esplanada do Castelo - Take the No. 500 bus from Sao Bento Station, westwards along the North Bank of the Douro, (30 minutes or so), around to this esplanade, situated on a very scenic rugged part of the Atlantic coast North of the Douro. Many bars and restuarants. Great place to sit and watch the sunset.

By Emily Bridgewater; The Birmingham Post, July 2011:

"...We took a short break to Porto, the Portuguese second in command, often given the cold shoulder in favour of glamorous, commercial Lisbon. But ignore this city at your peril, for we found the true heartbeat of Portugal; a city of outstanding beauty and strong, traditional values... On our final day we ventured into the old town, which we had previously only visited at night. Built on the hillside either side of the estuary of the River Douro, it is astonishingly beautiful and a delight to explore, with every turn down the maze of cobbled streets offering a surprising window into Porto life. You’ll be hard pressed to find Starbucks or pair of golden arches here. This city seems to remain untouched by commercialism and is all the better for it. However, if shopping is on your agenda there are air-conditioned malls in the new town with popular chains such as Zara, Mango and United Colours of Benetton. The elegant Luis I iron bridge stretches the width of the Douro and provides easy access from the old town to the world-renowned port wine caves including Graham’s, Taylors and Croft’s. Of course, no visit to Porto would be complete without a tour of one of the cellars so we climbed the winding streets of Vila Nova da Gaia and popped into Taylor’s, which welcomed us with two complimentary samples of white, and ruby port. We were then whisked off on a fascinating tour of the site. Twenty minutes later we felt like port connoisseurs but, unusually, there was no pressure to buy afterwards. So, for a charming city break, Porto simply cannot be dismissed..."

From the Independent holiday supplement, P10, 9 Jan, 2007:

"...Have a guided tour of dramatically situated Oporto, clinging to the steep banks of the river Douro just before it embraces the sea. Historically Roman, coming to prominence during the Middle Ages, it prospered greatly from royal patronage, and knowledge of the sea-route to India.

The UNESCO protected old-town, a veritable tangle of 14th century lanes tumbles to the river and a beautifully restored waterfront. Tiny antiquated shops are everywhere, and, straddling the river itself, are six stunningly intricate bridges, one of which was designed by Gustav Eiffel.

Oporto is famous for its Port, visit one of Oportos most traditional establishments, for a tour and tasting. Oporto is so picturesque: with the old wine boats plying the river in front of you, and traditional port lodges behind, the medieval old-town clinging to the opposite bank and the skyline punctured by the Cathedral and numerous churches.

Head inland exploring the valley of the Douro, the river of gold, climbing the hills dominating inland Portugal. The countryside first becomes more arid and the colours give way from greens to browns and ochres, before you dro p into the valley itself, one of Europes most beautiful, with undulating hillsides covered with leafy port vineyards sloping to the blue river below. Take a very pleasant train journey along a most scenic route, following the river..."

Oporto Destination Reviews
From The Sunday Times "Instant weekend: Oporto", article, July 16, 2006:

"...Leave the big cities to the hordes and have a pint-size Portuguese adventure instead, says Chris West

Why should I go? Because Oporto is the classic second city. Its beautiful, but the tourists all seem to have flocked somewhere else. And the touts and the tat and the inflated prices have gone with them. While theyre off battling around Florence, Prague and Barcelona, you can walk the quiet, cobbled streets of Oporto, feeling that youre wandering through a genuine city, rather than tourist make-believe. There are one or two stunning sites, but theres more joy in turning a corner and bumping into a beautiful, simple church or a shaded alfresco cafe...

...What do I do? You go for a stroll. Oporto is all about soaking up the ambience of crumbly buildings and Unesco World Heritage quarters, not ticking off a list of must-sees.

A leisurely half-day circuit starts amid the baroque buildings of Avenida dos Aliados. Head to Batalha Square, where theres a Salazar-era "peoples cafe" that now shows cult movies. Carry on upwards to the 12th-century cathedral in Se Square and the four-storey, plain-fronted palace next door, visible from most of the city. Head back downhill to Rua das Carmelitas to visit Lello, a famous bookshop with an art-nouveau interior, and a little further on, the grand Sao Bento Station, its immense atrium covered in tiles depicting early forms of transport.

If youre still going after all that, just wander. This is a place where getting hopelessly lost in the cobbled backstreets is to be recommended.

As is sampling the drink this city is built on. The port warehouses are across the River Douro in Gaia, where the sea breeze keeps the barrels (or, more pedantically, "pipes") of port cool throughout the summer. Most offer free tours and tastings, every half-hour from roughly 10am to 6pm
A relaxing Sunday-morning option is the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art (free on Sundays, 10am-2pm, otherwise £3.50, but eat before you go - the food and service are a surrealist movement..."

"...Where do I eat? The essential Oporto belt-buster is the francesinha, a sandwich with fillet steak, Portuguese and German sausage, and a little bit of ham and cheese, served marooned in a sea of gravy. It is best sampled at the Guarany cafe-restaurant (Avenida dos Aliados 85 22 332 1272,

For a more elegant dinner, head to D Tonho, on the riverside (22 200 4307,, with John Malkovich, Lou Reed and Bobby Robson just a few of the celebrities in its guest book. Traditional dishes include tripe and, during the midsummer festival of Sao Joao, cabbage soup.

Equally fantastic, but more relaxed, is Toupeirinho, a 15-minute cab ride away in the Matoshinhos district (Rua do Godinho 27 22 938 7016). Half a dozen tables are crammed in here, everyone chooses fish - the salted prago, or sea bream, is the best - and a plate of sweet pudding with a glass of port will leave you feeling giddy".

To avoid confusion, prospective guests should note that the Villarenters automatic booking facility here is (And always has been) the sole exclusive mechanism used to manage the bookings for this apartment. Bookings made here by credit card using the instant booking mechanism are 100% assured. If a vacancy exists on the booking calendar here, then it is truly available for booking. Booked slots are instantly marked as unavailable for further bookings. Don't be deceived by our low price; we are running at a loss to subsidise our mortgage. We are not in this as a business for the money. Also, when comparing with other Villarenters properties which may appear higher listed in order of appearance, bear in mind that the Villarenters list ranking criteria is sometimes based only on the customer review average star rating, regardless of the historical volume of bookings. This means that properties with only a few previous bookings, but with maybe one, two, or three 5* reviews (and no others), sometimes appear before our own, with TEN 5* bookings amongst our thirty two good reviews ranging from 3* to 5* to date (23/01/12). The apartment offered here is truly the one in Prime position at the front of the building, with quality tasteful business class furniture, fixtures and fittings throughout, on the first floor, with the two balconies to the right of the building emblem which can be seen on the front of the building (Often pointed out by guides conducting the "Se" tourist walking tours). Nothing has been spared in this apartment, in the interests of your comfort. Apartments elsewhere in the building are sometimes offered under business management, and are not connected with us in any way.


Traditional dual-balconied apartment, In a refurbished 16th Century Oporto Tea Merchant Building. 1st floor with elevator, situated within the UNESCO World Heritage Zone of Porto City.


Property type: Apartment

Room details


1 bedroom, sleeps 4

Bedroom 1: 1 Double bed

Additional beds:
2 double sofa beds located in Lounge, 1 cot
Room for 4 in the dining area
Room for 4 in the living area
1 bathroom, 1 Separate WC

Indoor facilities

Entertainment and IT:
TV Languages in Local
Iron / board
Pots / pans
Towels / linen
Washing machine

Outdoor facilities

Balcony or terrace
Extra information (1st floor, Refurbished 16th Century Building. Two balconies, one each from bedroom and diner, overlooking historical street, Fully refurbished 2006, Foyer with glass door and security entry system off street. Marble hallways & stairs. Elevator. Views of the historic Se Cathedral. Within 3 minutes walk of Sao Bento Metro & Railway stations. Within 2 minutes walk of historic landmark Pedestrian/Metro Dom Luis Bridge, which has panoramic views over River Douro, Porto City, and Vila Nova de Gaia.)


Suitable for

Sports and activities

Boat Hire
Mountain Biking
Sports Center
Water Skiing
Wind Surfing

Sights and attractions


Prices and availability

Last updated 17.03.2012

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Discounts and extras

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This is exact location

  • Nearest beach: 30km
  • Nearest bar: 0.5km
  • Nearest restaurant: 5km
  • Nearest supermarket: 1km
  • São Bento Railway, & Metro Stations: 100m
  • Dom Luis Bridge: 100m
  • Shopping Malls: 200m
  • Ribeira Waterfront Bars & Cafes: 300m


31 out of 32 people recommend staying here

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Value for money
Stayed Friday 14 May 2010
Easy to find. Location in the city center, where everything is within a walking distance. Appartment is very nicely renovated and thus in a very good shape.
Stayed Friday 08 May 2009
We found the apartment well equipped, comfortable and ideally situated for exploring the delightful city of Porto by foot, metro and bus. Being close to Sao Bento station it is also well placed for travelling further afield by train. The owner was easily contactable and, because our return flight did not leave until late evening, agreed to our occupying the apartment as long as we wished on our final day. Definitely recommended.
Owner reply:

Guys, thanks for the great review. Best Regards, Eric & Lorane

Stayed Saturday 31 May 2008
Fabulous modern apartment right in the middle of a world heritage site. Excellent facilities, checked out the whinging from previous reviews and could not find a problem with any of the things mentioned. Watching the world go by from the balconies was entertaining in itself. Everything I could need was within walking distance of the apartment. I was so impressed that I have re-booked for September.
Stayed Saturday 24 May 2008
The apartment was ideally sited for our needs, very central and just around the corner from the Metro station. Generally it was very comfortable and well equipped, apart from the sofa bed, whose back was broken and a towel rail that kept coming off the wall. there was an additional problem with the key to the outer door that was very hard to turn and, on one occasion late at night, would not turn at all. the apartment is in an area of little shops selling cheap clothes and jewellery and further up the hill there are some local bars and what looked like 'red light' establishments. this made it cosmopolitan and interesting, but we walked through very quickly at night!
Stayed Friday 18 January 2008
This apartment is very well located, with everything within walking distance. Although some parts of the neighbourhood are a bit 'gritty', this is basically because of the great central location. The apartment itself is very tastefully decorated with modern furnishings and supplied with everything you need. I'd recommend this apartment, for couples especially, who are after a central comfortable place to stay in Porto.
Stayed Tuesday 07 August 2007
My girlfriend and I stayed in this apartment from 7th August-16th August. The apartment was just perfect- the ideal location, comfortable, modern,well equipped and very clean. The street was quiet with the advantage of a bakery and general store just across the road. We definitely recommend you stay in this apartment if you are visiting this beautiful city.
Stayed Thursday 26 April 2007
Very pleasant apartment in relatively quiet location. Gas connection was a bit fiddly but once on all worked well.
Stayed Thursday 26 October 2006
A spacious, well equipped, recently refurbished apartment, well located with lovely views from balconies over the Cathedral - thoroughily recommended.
Stayed Saturday 09 September 2006
A wonderful property, in a wonderful location. The only quibble would be with the amount of building work going on around the Cathedral, day and night, over which the owners have no power, so this is not a complaint.
Stayed Monday 19 June 2006
Great location in the centre of town! All sites within walking distance. All the flat was new and very clean. Their was a lovely bakers across the road where I got my rolls and pastries from for my breakfast. Would most definitely be returning soon...........
Stayed Friday 30 December 2005
Lappartamento è situato in una posizione eccellente per visitare la città: la stazione ferroviaria di Sao Bento è a cinque minuti e la Ribeira a solo 10 minuti di cammino. Lappartamento al suo interno è dotato di ogni comfort e gradevolmente arredato, pulito, accogliente e spazioso. E al primo piano, dotato di ascensore e di una hall pulita e luminosa. La zona è tranquilla sia di notte che di giorno e di fronte cè un piccolo supermarket, che comunque non è molto fornito. Ciò non è un problema per chi preferisce mangiare fuori, infatti ci sono uninfinità di ottimi ristoranti e di trattorie dove si mangia bene e a poco prezzo. Porto è una città splendida e consiglio a tutti questo appartamento, sia alle famiglie con bambini che alle giovani coppie o alle piccole comitive di amici, perchè il comfort e la localizzazione sono eccellenti per ogni tipologia di turista.
Stayed Friday 30 December 2005
Terrific location, just as pretty as it looks in the pictures, very central and atmospheric neighbourhood, nicely fitted kitchen, with enough utensils to get by. Owner and local manager both very helpful. My only caveat would be the fact that two of the beds are fold out couches in the living area. Theyre perfectly comfortable, and this wasnt really a problem for the four of us on a short stay, but might get on your nerves. Otherwise its pretty perfect.
Stayed Friday 30 December 2005
The property was clean and well presented and met our needs at the time. It took a while for us to make the best of its location, but the funicular was the key discovery in this regard! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Porto.
The apartment is exceptionally well situated for access to public transport. There is a modern bathroom, double bedroom with a comfortable double bed and a kitchen/ sitting area. The kitchen is well equipped. The weakest area is probably the sitting/ lounge area which is well away from the window. There is plenty of clean bedding and towels available.
Fantastic location! Ribeira and old town attractions within a walking distance. Railway station and tube just round the corner-literally 2 minutes away. We stayed 1 week and had amazing time. Everything was as desribed. Appartment modern, clean with all neccessary facilities, inluding iron and hairdryer. We will absolutely recommend it to relatives and friends. Great city break! Thanks!
We had four days in Porto and the apartment was perfect. Clean, modern and airy. It is so close to Sao Bento metro it really isnt worth getting a cab. The location is poerfect-two minutes from the top of the bridge, opposite the Cathedral and ten minutes walk to Ribiera. Id recommend it to anyone.
Wonderful apartment in excellent location enjoyed every moment of the stay will certainly nominate to relatives and friends. Thank Eric for me he was certainly right about the apartment. Regards Mick
Owner reply:

Hi Mick, thank you for your kind words, it was a pleasure dealing with you. I wish I could offer discounts to you and your friends for future visits, but we are already cutting ourselves to the bone with prices. The best I can do is guarantee that anyone you recommend gets the same prices you had during your stay. If your wish to endorse anyone, just dro p me an email. Your friends are my friends... See you again in Porto again soon hopefully, Best Regards, Eric.

Its very conveniently situated, near train Station and Metro Station. Situated in the old part, but a very quiet zone. The apartment was clean and spacious. Absolutely recommended.
An excellent flat with a superb central location. All mod cons and plenty of kitchen/bathroom/bedroom wear. Only problem for non-city dwellers may be the night time noise. But for Londoners like us, it merely added to the authenticity of the lodgings. Highly recommended.
We had a fantastic time in this appartment - it is perfectly located for exploring the city - set right in the heart of the old town with restaurants and port lodges a short stroll away. The appartment was immaculately presented and we found it very spacious - even though there were four of us staying in it. The owner was also very accommodating as our flights arrived early and left late and they were more than happy for us to use the appartment during these times. We had a wonderful holiday and all agreed we would definitely stay here again if we go back to Porto.
It was a newly renovated flat. Nice bedroom and OK sofa beds in the living room. The flat was very clean. So the cleaning lady does an excellent work. This was our first time to Porto and was a bit shocked over the neighborhood (Goes for the whole old town). Didnt feel safe at first, but get used to it after a day or two. Even though it is a lot of tourists in Porto, we did feel we lived in the middle of people’s daily life. And thats kind of fascinating. It is a lot of Asian stores in the neighborhood selling everything from sunglasses to fabric and run by people from all over Asia. It can be difficult to park in the area if you have a car. Overall this is a good location when visiting Porto.
Despite some initial confusion about collecting the keys and activating the hot water, the apartment provided the perfect base for a Porto break.
Owner reply:

Folks, we can only stress it is most important to read the key delivery and gas turn on instructions (As well as directions to the apartment) included in the automatic guest pack sent upon receipt of final payment.

Porto is a World Heritage site and full of history to take in. The situation of the apartment cannot be faulted in terms of how central it is. It really is so easy to walk or hop on and off the LRT. With the added bonus of a convenient railway station so close to Sao Bento. This for me was ideal. The apartment comes with all the required space and utilities one would like to be at hand. Having read some of the comments prior to going, Im glad I was not put off by them. Porto is a very Old City and in the process of great change. One should compare it to London and ask what you would be prepared to pay for such a central place right in the heart of whats going on. The LRT from the airport to the center of Porto is simplicity itself.When the considerable regeneration program or work is completed Porto itself with be right up there with all the other major cities across Europe who are looking to tourism for its future.
The flat itself was first class, well equipped, clean, spacious and well furnished, but ... We found the location somewhat intimidating, especially after dark. It wasnt helped by the rubbish collection being done every morning at around 4.30. However it was a necessary evil as the merchants and inhbitants of the rest of Rua Cha generated an extraordinary amount of detritus.
The apartment perfectly met my expectations. The criticisms which have been given are mostly correct, however do not appear very significant to me: kitchen equipment is sufficient for basic cooking; TV channels are not what matters to me on a travel to a city I want to visit; there are even e few English books to read; and the keyhole, although a bit tricky at times, is really manageable after a few trials when the key is turned calmly. The location is perfect as a starting point for walking around in Porto and even to cross over to Gaia, the upper part of Dom Luís 1st Bridge is only a few steps away. And, last but certainly not least, the owner has been very accessible, always responded immediately and was very helpful with a last-minute change in plans. The first day, a Portuguese friend of his dropped in to ask if any help was needed and offered his phone number for any further questions. So, if you can live with the few disadvantages that have been mentioned, and if you're there to visit and live in a southern European town for a few days (and not in the norvegian wilderness), this is highly recommended.
Very central and spotlessly clean.Everything available should you want to cook.Good directions from ownner on how to reach property by metro without the need to spend money on taxi.
finding an apartment in Oporto is hard work - try to google "Porto apartment". we definitely recommend this one, and book at least for a week, because you can get to most interesting places in the north of Portugal by train from S. Bento or by bus easily and for little money. Nothing is perfect - so here are some minor points of critizism: - kitchen equipment is rather basic for cooking full meals from fresh produce. Before going to the market, check if all the necessary utensils are available. We bought a pot for cooking pasta and a tea pot... -We always found it useful when some of the basics (salt, sugar, tissues, olive oil...were available in the apartment, so you just buy what's missing and leave it there. We found a tabula rasa. - The entertainment department consists of 3or 4 Portuguese TV programmes, if this does not satisfy your needs, book internet connection or bring your Ipod with you. - Heating: May be a problem when/if it gets really cold. At the end of November, with temperatures between 2° and 18° it took some time to heat the place up, but then it was ok. Once again - thoroughly recommended.
Tasteful, modern spacious and well equipped apartment in convenient historic location
The property was very comfortable and reasonably clean. My only small criticism is the lack of equipment in the kitchen - only tiny saucepans, nothing large enough for pasta for example, no water jug, no vegetable peeler, etc. We book self-catering accommodation because we want to cook, and we were limited at this property.
Charming appartment in accessible area - nice situation smack in the centre of the old town. Near to the cathedral with nearby river views. Appartment well equipped, clean and quiet charactered within walking distance of good restaurants like Majestic. Glad I booked it! Many thanks again.
Good, accurate information provided in advance by owner so we knew what we were getting and it was helpful to receive local information. The apartment is in a prime central location, with easy access on foot or public transport to local and surrounding areas. Porto is a grat place to visit for a few days, and for a longer stay hire a car and explore to the north or east. Central Porto has lots to offer within walking distance, good shopping, bars and wide variety of restaurants, historic sites and interesting architecture. Very well presented property, very clean and tidy, comfortable and easy to look after. But for the main attribute you come back to the prime central location every time.
The apartment was very well equipped and spacious for two people. The street was very quiet in the evening. It is also very close to the cathedral and only a 15-20 minutes walk across the bridge to the port wine lodges.


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I am a UK Chartered Engineer, working every day, but am contactable 24hrs via email direct to my Blackberry, so can mobilise professional agent Joao, and cleaners Maria & Nelson in Porto, who all live very close to the apartment, at short notice in emergencies. This is my only overseas property. I have been exclusively on Villarenters since 2006. I have had over 70 successful bookings to date (02/2011). Be assured, this apartment has two separate balconies overlooking the historic street of Rua Cha, and the Se Cathedral, which is understood to be the historic origin of Portugal. The apartment is in a 16th century building believed to have been designed for the storage of tea ("Cha"). This was in the days when tea was an exotic and very valuable commodity, brought by cutter-ships travelling from the East. The building has been beautifully refurbished, and now additionally has the state of the art silent underground / overbridge Metro on the doorstep. Inside the apartment, no expenses have been spared in making it comfortable, elegant, and businesslike. You really are getting a bargain at these prices.
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