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3 bedroom Castiglione della Pescaia villa to rent
September 2018

The location above Castiglione is quite quiet despite the bypass road (2 streets below). The way to the village is good on foot to create, the way back, of course, a bit stricter, because it goes uphill. The house is spacious, except the shower, which is relatively narrow. The two bathrooms each have a bath, unfortunately without shower curtain. In the upper floor big people have to move their heads, because of the sloping roof, it is not possible to stand upright everywhere. What is missing throughout the house are insect nets on the windows. It is a pity that no beach chairs are available. You could really relax on the terrace. The kitchen was ok. With 3 large cups for a 6-person house a bit tight, were fortunately only three. What was missing, unfortunately: wine glasses! And in the middle of Tuscany ... But we changed that quickly. The cleanliness was o.k.

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Renter: Pia E.
Pia E.
2 bedroom holiday villa in Maremma, Tuscany, with swimming pool
June 2018

A nice area with plenty of greenery and beautiful pools. Beautiful coast and sea suitable for young children. A lot of mosquitoes and insects, but it can not ...

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Renter: Jan
5 bedroom villa to rent in Maremma, Tuscany
July 2017

A fantastic accommodation in a quiet area that invites you to linger and relax, but also serves as a base for exploring the area. Wonderful sea view already for breakfast on the terrace. In 15 minutes you can walk to the natural, clean beach. The place offers restaurants and a small shop for basic services. We really enjoyed the time in beautiful weather.

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Renter: Markus
5 bedroom villa to rent in Maremma, Tuscany
June 2017

A beautiful villa a few meters by car from the beach with a breathtaking view ... fair price we say in our opinion that we went in 8 the price of linen was a little high € 10 per person (4 adults and 4 children of 5.8, 8,11) ... (it would have been better 5 € ..) At the end we pass over it does not matter ... beautiful sea and breathtaking view this place is highly recommended!

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Renter: Andrea
2 bedroom Castiglione della Pescaia holiday villa rental with swimming pool
May 2017

The area and the bongalo were really nice. Upon arrival, all our luggage was transported to the Bongalo. The walk to the beach is a bit exhausting with toddler and boggy, because firstly a bit far, secondly through a sandy path and along the main road.

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Renter: Rolf
2 bedroom Castiglione della Pescaia villa to rent
April 2017

Deluxe Bungalows are treated in detail. Inside modern furnishings and livable patio outside. Clean and silent. The position to reach the beach is also convenient. Car parking a short distance away, but cleverly not adjacent to the bungalows (large trolleys for carrying luggage). Reception staff available and courteous.

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Renter: Roberta

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