Cancelling a booking

Owner cancels booking – there are two reasons why an owner may cancel a booking:

  • Owner is no longer able to fulfil your booking; for example, they have experienced an emergency at the property. You will receive a full refund for any monies that you have paid.
  • Renter balance payment is late. If you are late with your balance payment and the owner cancels the booking you will not receive a refund for the deposit you have paid. If you think you will be late in paying the balance we strongly recommend you contact the owner, and agree on an alternative due date.

Renter cancels booking – if you cancel your booking, you will be subject to the cancellation terms set by the owner which you will be made aware of on the check-out page, and will be on your booking contract. These cancellations terms are applied if you have paid the full booking amount. The deposit is never refunded.

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