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4 bedroom villa to rent in Rhodes Old Town, Greece
May 2017

I wanted to give you some important feedback for the property Anna's House, Gavala Street, Rhodes Old Town, as there are a number of serious issues, that in my and the others guests, staying with me, opinions, need to be addressed in order to avoid further disappointment for future guests. Please be aware that these are purely objective observational references, and not unreasonable criticisms. These important issues are: 1) All the mattresses are of the very hard type, with no protectors. I am an ex hotelier so I know about mattresses. We suggest either placing mattress toppers, or new mattresses altogether in the 'medium firm' category (this is the hotel industry standard), with proper mattress protectors. 2) The pillows are far too uncomfortable and it is difficult to rest your head upon them appropriately. 3) The sheets do not fit some of the beds. 4) The drain in the enclosed courtyard emits foul gas when the wind blows, and needs covering. This makes it unpleasant to sit outside. 5) The outside shower and WC needs to be clearly described as an outside facility. However, the shower drain (a wet-room) does not function properly, with water dangerously pooling on the floor. This shower is not fit or safe for proper use. 6) The Barbecue in the courtyard cannot be used, simply because the smoke would easily invade the neighbour's terrace, directly above the courtyard, from which they dry their laundry. 7) There is no toaster in the property, so toast is off the menu! 8) The washing machine leaks which presents a health and safety issue as guests could easily slip over on the spillage across the kitchen floor. 9) There are no plugs in the kitchen sink, or any plastic washing-up bowls; which is an issue as there is no dishwasher. 10) The bath is badly stained with limescale, and it needs a deep clean. 11) There is a large, sharp chip out of the rim of the bidet, and this could cause injury. 12) The interiors of the upstairs wardrobes actually emit a foul smell, making them unusable. Consequently, we were unable to use them! 13) We suggest a small roof deck, made of wood, possibly, on the domed roof, would be a useful area for sunbathing, etc. Additionally, the washing line is very difficult to safely access due to the slope of the dome. I nearly sprained my ankle hanging up washing. 14) The window in the ground floor bedroom needs modesty curtains. 15) There are a lack of usable drawers in the upstairs bedrooms, and surface areas are also at a minimum. 16) There are no locks on the bathrooms. I hope this objective and constructive feedback is of use to you. Certainly, if the owner could address these issues, the price of this rental property could feasibly double. Apart from the above issues, we really enjoyed our stay at this historic property as it had a lot of historical character and was in a particularly convenient location. The neighbour's were all delightful and the quiet street of Gavala was picturesque. Best regards Keith Warwick

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Renter: Keith
Keith Friends from Norwich, United Kingdom
2 bedroom villa in Rhodes Old Town, Greece
September 2012

A large home in the perfect spot inside the Old Town. Also has a large garden that was amazing to see in such a place which could be improved by planting a lawn. Claudia was very helpful and met us on arrival. We were 2 couples, the property could easily have catered for 3 couples. It was lovely to be right next to the old wall and we enjoyed wandering the streets after all of the tourists had departed. A magical experience.

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Renter: Lynette
Lynette Lynette from Larrakeyah, Australia
2 bedroom holiday home to rent in Rhodes Old Town, Greece
October 2010

My partner and I really enjoyed living in Old Town. The neighborhood of the property was very friendly and quiet. Claudia was very helpful with local information, restaurant suggestions, where to shop for groceries, fresh fruit, etc. She also helped us book a rental car and transportation to the airport.

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Renter: Norman
Norman Norman from White Rock, Canada
1 bedroom holiday home to rent in Rhodes Old Town, Greece
September 2009

We loved the location, and the high standard that this villa has been kept in. We loved the courtyard and the friendliness of the other tenants in the villa compound. The only disgruntment, is that it said it slept up to six. The upstairs had a foam mattress that slept one, there should be a proper bed in that upstairs area, or a fold up bed on hand, and that could be erected in the larger sized bedroom. But for value for money, location - it was perfect! We really enjoyed our stay.

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Renter: Sophie
Sophie Sophie from London, United Kingdom
2 bedroom holiday home to rent in Rhodes Old Town, Greece
September 2008

I thought it was really good, there where nice friendly neigbours, and with the owner next door to give help, and the Mini Market and bakery 100 meters away what more could you ask for. To stay within the town rather visiting it on a day trip gave us the opportunity to get to know and appreciate what the old town is really like.Once you leave the main tourist street and wander 50 meters down the back streets there are some wonderful little places and excellent restaraunts to visit.Its not until you spend time there you get to apprecaite the real histrory of the place- and it is amazing, Italian, English, Turkish and Greek culture and buildings.Of course the beach is still only 25 minutes stroll away.

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Renter: Rick
Rick Rick from Leamington Spa, United Kingdom
1 bedroom holiday home to rent in Rhodes Old Town, Greece
June 2007

The villa is an absolute gem. We were so fortunte to find it. It is located inside Old Town Rhodes, in fact right across from the charming historical town wall. All sites in Old Town, inc luding beaches and shopping, are within walking distance. The newly renovated villa contains portions of the old building, circa 1500. This gives it "character". The interior is nicely furnished and very clean. It has a very charming garden with a sitting and dining area. The villa exceeded all of our expectations for a family vacation rental home. The rent was quite reasonable for a family of four as compared to hotels (hotels in Europe charge per person as opposed to per room). Above all, the property owner was most kind, generous and helpful. She offered us so many extras for no charge without being asked. There is no doubt in our mind where we will be staying the next time we visit Rhodes, hopefully soon.

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Renter: Esam
Esam Esam from Minnetonka, Usa