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Renter: Josep Maria G. Josep Maria G.
Josep Maria G. August 2018

We have been very well at the house of Saint Gervais, the truth is that you always expect that something is not like the photos but everything was like the photos, and there was also a nice patio, a great mountain setting. And how did you know the area where you were going.

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Renter: Ruth S. Ruth S.
Ruth S. June 2018

The house has a large glass window with a beautiful view of the flanks of the Mont Blanc. There is a terrace around the house to enjoy outside. All rooms and sanitary facilities are in good order. The house is full of books and CDs and (antique) items that give you a real home feeling.

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Renter: Terry Terry
Terry March 2018

Chalet pleasant, practical and friendly! A sunny terrace and cheered by little birds! To live near the does and the blooming of the flowers, that resource!

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Renter: Nicolas Nicolas
Nicolas March 2018

Large and spacious chalet. Well appointed and comfortable housekeeping a bit pricey for delivery, on arrival there were cobwebs on the ceiling and the oven room. But that does not question the quality of the chalet! Just some people at this places

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