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September 2018

The general condition of the house was good. The new kitchen with kitchen utensils and the new bathroom on the ground floor great. Also in terms of cleanliness we were very satisfied. In the large garden our dog could let off steam to their heart's content. The only downer was the noise. Some days heavenly peace; on other days construction noise, lawnmowers, open-air celebration at the neighbors in Discolautstärke until late at night and the busy traffic despite dead end. Probably this was due to the presence of a duck farm or breeding ?, frois gras? attributed to the nearby lake. Otherwise, we could not explain the frequent reciprocation of small delivery vans. Depending on the weather conditions (in Westwind), the stationery of Mimizan also attracted attention with its "scent". Thankfully, this rarely happened during our stay. In the house itself we also got an unpleasant smell in the nose. Probably the old wooden furniture had been treated or painted with a chemical agent. The new terrace area invites you to linger and have breakfast or chill out. Overall, we spent a nice holiday in this house.

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Renter: Christiane B.
Christiane B.
August 2018

Rental at the top. I just advise a little improvement in the bathroom: shower curtain to install. And beware for dog owners, the rental is not fenced on some sides of the house. We really appreciated the house, its services, its cleanliness, its bedding, the dishwasher and the washing machine, its location and the professionalism of the professionals of the agency.

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Renter: Elodie C.
Elodie C.
August 2018

we had a very good stay in this functional house. we enjoyed the new terrace and its large shelter that allowed us to stay outside during the whole morning noon and evening! the little girl took advantage of the large walled garden. however, there is a small flat for this stay, the fact that the house next to this rental is with entrance and common ground, we are really stuck, we were lucky to have very sympathetic and sympathetic neighbors, but I think that we had to disturb them with our big family! it's not really noted in the ad. the house is functional and well equipped but the bedding is to see again, it is a pity that the price of this rental pillows are in pieces of synthetic low-end and mattresses are of very poor quality, it spoils a little stay still. a notice that would serve to evolve the house so that it is really great.

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Renter: Ghislaine P.
Ghislaine P.
July 2018

Mimizan plague with own vehicle quickly accessible. Good resort. Plenty of space available. 1 bedroom on the 1st floor is open, privacy is not guaranteed. Care service by Interhome very good. Highly recommended is the beach (plage south). Parking directly at the beach (in contrast to Plage-North). Many shopping Mimizan-Plage. Cheap shopping at supermarket xxx (xxx and xxx are also quickly accessible). Mimizan-Bourg has some bakeries open from 06.00.

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Renter: René D.
René D.
August 2017

Superb cottage near the lake in a quiet area near shops straight for the beach 6 km surrounded by nature. That happiness in perspective I highly recommend this rental and quality price is wow!

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Renter: Brigitte
July 2017

Rental conforms to what is written on the site. No bad surprises. Ideal setting for children (large lot). Only inconvenience, the house located behind this rental, terraced. If it is rented by other people at the same time, big neighborhood problem I think. On the other hand, the two houses rented by the same large family: ideal.

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Renter: Marie-solange