Sorry for the inconvenience caused this morning... Welcome to the Clickstay blog!
Firstly, we would like to say a big sorry for any inconvenience that was caused with the switchover from Villarenters to Clickstay.

Both websites were down for 24 hours and we are aware that some of our renters were trying to access their accounts to pay for booking deposits and balances, etc. Please don't worry, you will now be able to log in and do all that malarkey, nothing will have changed in the website maintenance process. We understand that there are a few teething problems with the Clickstay website, e.g. property reviews haven't been given the correct ratings - please be patient, we're working on it as I type.

Anyway, now we're up-and-running... here at Clickstay, we’re taking new steps into the realm of blogging.

The purpose of this blog is to provide our renters with destination information, inspiration on fun holiday activities, and helpful interviews with property owners. For example, every couple of days, we may list our pick of our top villas for wine-lovers.... or perhaps 'The best châteaus for a jolly-old family get together'. We hope the Clickstay blog will become a home for renters to find inspiration for their next big holiday destination.

We would love to see your comments and feedback! So let us know what you liked (or didn’t like) and what you would like to read about in the future.

We’re also looking for feedback on our website in general. What further information would you like to know about before booking and arriving? For example, we prefer sandy beaches to pebble beaches, and we understand that little details like this will make a difference in your choice of villa location and, ultimately, will bring a holiday that little bit closer to perfection…