Crystal clear sea in Cyprus

Cyprus may be the birthplace of mythological Greek Goddess of Love Aphrodite, but it’s also home to some of the most enchanting beauty imaginable. Whether you want to while away the hours listening to crystal clear waters gently lapping the golden, sandy beaches at Konnos Bay, in Ayia Napa, or you'd prefer a getaway to discover the vast, ancient world of Roman mosaics and Byzantine architecture, Cyprus is the place for you. Holly of ‘The Kitty Luxe’ recently took the journey to the Eastern Mediterranean gem and stayed in this apartment in Kappris near Protaras. She soon found a distinct love for Cyprus and everything it has to offer.

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What was the best thing about the apartment?

The size, amenities, and location were the best aspects of the apartment. There was plenty of room for 5 people as advertised with a generously sized kitchen/living space area with plenty of room to dine or relax at your leisure. Plus, the balcony was much bigger than expected and it was lovely to sit outside and enjoy breakfast with a coffee in the morning, and a candlelit dinner with beers in the evening. The apartment also had a Bose speaker which we found incredibly handy for playing music and creating an ambience on the balcony, and we actually stayed in to play the Wii on the TV with a few homemade cocktails on one evening. Furthermore, the location of the apartment was excellent for those looking for a more private, secluded holiday experience. It's close enough to drive to all the places of interest locally, yet is well out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the busy areas like the main area of Protaras Town and Ayia Napa.

How easy is it to get from the airport to the apartment?

We actually booked a transfer as we arrived very late (around 11 pm) and weren't quite sure about navigating in the dark. The transfer took maybe 50 minutes tops and only cost €12 each for the transfer. 

Stylish Coastal Apartment, Near Protaras, 2 bedrooms and shared pool in Kapparis, Cyprus

How did you get around Protaras (i.e. car, foot)

As it can be quite expensive for under 24's to rent cars (and we are all just finishing university) we decided to try the local bus system. We were told many times that the bus service is a bit rubbish, but we 100% would recommend it to anyone wanting to save some money. It's definitely an option for younger people - as the bus stop is a 20-minute walk from the apartment. However, the ticket is only €20 each for an entire week of travel - for the whole Famagusta area. Insanely good value and they arrive on time every 20 or so minutes. The buses stop at every beach you could wish to see, and all the main attractions like Protaras Town, Ayia Napa, Cape Greco, and Waterworld.

What was the Cypriot cuisine like?

I've actually never tried Greek food, but my fellow travellers said that it's very similar. All in all, you can spend very little and get very good quality food. There are plenty of "Tavernas" which serves all the Cypriot Meze you could ask for, plus there are lots of drink deals in areas like Protaras and you can grab happy hour cocktails for less than €4 each with your meal.

Tell us about the restaurants in the area near to the apartment

We mainly ate in Protaras (a 20-minute walk to the bus stop, and 10 minutes on the bus) as there was so much selection there - plus, the prices were very good. There is such mix of different food, from street food like Gyros, to traditional Meze, or even Italian or Asian fusion restaurants.

Did you eat out all the time, or did you make food in the apartment?

I would say that we pretty much did it 50/50 - we even used the fast wifi to google different traditional Cypriot recipes and created our own mini Meze in the apartment! We found cooking and eating at the apartment so enjoyable, as there are all the utensils you could need to create any meal you fancy! The nearest supermarket is a 20-minute walk (opposite the bus stop) called the Metro - however, if you have a car it would only be a 5-minute drive at most.

Sea food Meze found on the coast of Cyprus

Protaras is famed for its beaches, which was your favourite?

By far my favourite beaches were Sirena Bay, Green Bay, and Lombardi Beach. These beaches are impeccably clean with crystal clear waters, we were all very taken aback by how beautiful they were. Lombardi Beach was especially great for snorkelling as there are plenty of reefs to explore and the water isn't too deep. If you enjoy more of a touristy, busy beach then Fig Tree Bay or Nissi Beach (Ayia Napa) are great options for you, however, they are definitely more packed and louder (with music playing in the background). I'm personally more into an "untouched" beach vibe, and on Sirena Bay, we were the only ones enjoying the beach for hours.

How close was the beach to the apartment?

The nearest beaches would be Sirena Bay or Firemans Beach in Kapparis - both of which are about 5/10 minutes drive maximum. On the bus, it took us the 20-minute walk plus 5 minutes on the bus to get to Sirena. So either way, very close!

Who would recommend this apartment to?

I would definitely recommend the apartment to young travellers like us who are more likely to want to save money and utilise local transport (it can 100% be done in this area!!!) however older travellers or families would definitely want to rent a car for ease of access. We didn't find walking 20 minutes to the bus stop and back a problem, but we're all pretty fit 23-year-olds!

Which Clickstay property would you want to stay in next and why?

I have had an amazing time in the apartment in Kapparis, and would 100% book to stay again. The trip has given me a little taste of Greece, and since I've never been there - I would definitely choose a villa on one of the Greek Islands. Other than that, I've always dreamed of travelling to Croatia. So having an apartment/villa based in Dubrovnik or Split would be a dream!

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