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Croatia is famed for its mythical charm, a place for you to delve into the Mediterranean delights, bask in the glistening sunlight on one of the largest beaches on the Adriatic coast (Gornja Vala). Explore the history of the country, that can be seen in every facet of daily life including the architecture and walled in city, it dates back as far as the Roman era. Or try your hand at some island hopping, starting from Split and ending up in Dubrovnik. But there’s one element that many don’t think of in Croatia, the mouth-watering cuisine. Phoebe from Wood & Luxe took a trip to Istria, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. She answers all the questions you’re dying to know about mouth-watering Croatian food.  

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What kind of food can people expect to eat in Croatia? 

The food in Croatia is super delicious! Depending where you are, you can expect different cuisines. There is a lot of seafood near the coast or if you are more inland, lots of truffles and pasta. I would say that the quality of food is better than Italy!

How did the wine compare to other European countries, e.g Italy, Spain?

I thought the wine in Croatia was some of the nicest wines I had tasted. We were staying in Istria so there are many great wine producers in that area so we were spoilt for choice

Do the restaurants serve traditional food?

Everywhere we went, the restaurants served locally sourced and traditional food. It was lovely to see that they used everything that grew locally. It meant that the food was super fresh and tasty.

Did you eat out all the time, or did you make some meals in the villa?

We ate breakfast and dinner at the villa and ate lunch out each day to enjoy the sunshine and exploring the areas. At night we bought from the local shops to cooked up a big feast at the villa. The villa's kitchen and faciitlies was too good not to use it to it's fullest potential. 

Where you were staying, was there a choice of restaurants?

Yes there were so many to choose from within 5 minutes driving distance from the villa. We were actually surprised at the quality of food, decor and service. We all gave them 5 stars!

Did you visit a vineyard?

Yes some of the restaurants in Buje are connected to wineries so we couldn't resist on having a personal guide to explore and taste more of the wines. 

View of vineyards

What was your favourite traditional Croatian meal?

My favourite meal was the truffle home made pasta and the asparagus soup! 

Will you be attempting any Croatian cooking back at home?

I cant say I will be cooking pasta from scratch at home,  I usually save this for special travel moments.

Villas in Croatia

Residence Monte, 4 bedroom luxury villa in Istria, Croatia