Top 8 Vegetarian-Friendly Countries

All vegetarian travellers know how hard it is to eat when you go on an adventure abroad. Sometimes it’s a challenge to find a quick snack because fast food often contains meat, and then there are those times when you wished you could try traditional and local food, but all the dishes also contain meat or fish. We have prepared a list of 8 vegetarian-friendly countries where all you need to think about is what to visit, not where to eat. And, to all our vegan readers: don’t worry; we have thought of you as well, and we guarantee you’ll be welcome in these countries.    

1. Israel


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 If you think being a vegan abroad is hard, you have never been to Israel. Vegetarian restaurants are quite common, and foods such as hummus and tabbouleh are easy to find. This is the country where falafel was invented after all.  





2. India


It is estimated that 1/3 of the Indian population is vegetarian. On top of that, if you love spices, look no further: Indian food is full of chilli and ginger.  




3. United Kingdom

Early Morning View of Big Ben  

In every bar, restaurant, pub, and even in the most low price fast-food stand, you’ll find vegetarian options. 11% of the British population is vegetarian. Try Mildreds in Soho or Wild Food Cafe in Neal's Yard for a real treat.  

Wild Food Cafe




4. Australia

Sydney Harbour  

Australian's have a vegetarian week from October 1st to 7th.  




5. Egypt


Another country where it is very easy to find vegetarian options, even in the traditional cuisine: try Koshari (made of rice, macaroni and lentils) and ful medames (with cooked fava beans) while you are there.  

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6. Germany


Germany doesn't have a reputation for being very vegetarian-friendly. However, once you look past the bratwurst stands and pig roasts, there are actually plenty of vegetarian options. Such as Käsespätzle...  




7. South Korea



Much of the traditional cuisine in South Korea is animal-free, thanks to Buddhist influences. Typical and local dishes are prepared with seasonal greens and whole grains, steamed rice, bamboo shoots, and candied lotus roots.  




8. Taiwan



Another nation where vegetarian restaurants are easy to find. In Taiwan 1 out of 10 inhabitants are vegetarians. The locals are motivated by the government to adopt a more vegetarian diet, and its traditional cuisine is mostly dairy free.  




Is there a country you would add to our list?

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