Colloquially known as ‘Little Ibiza’, or ‘the jewel of the Mediterranean’, Sitges lies just southwest of Barcelona and is a vibrant, sunny, sensational little strip of Spain that’s been delighting couples and families alike for generations.

Known as a party town and a beach lover's paradise, Sitges is great for your standard sandy jaunt, but there’s also plenty else going on, especially when it comes to the museums on offer.

That’s right, we’re going to go grab ourselves one hearty portion of culture, fancy coming along?

1: Museu del Cau Ferrat

modern artwork

This wonderful museum is the creative brainchild of the renowned artist Santiago Rusiñol, who built the building as his own personal workshop and space for his collected artworks in 1893. Today it stands preserved in time and housing many of Rusiñol’s collected items including ceramics, furniture and of course paintings. The overarching artistic vibe is that of modernism and you’ll discover creative pieces from the likes of Ramon Pichot, Isidre Nonell, and the great Pablo Picasso.

Whether art is your thing or not, this little time capsule of creativity is still well worth a visit.


2: Museu del Ferrocarril

train wheels

If you’re a train lover or just like huge slices of history, then the Museu del Ferrocarril is the place for you. You’ll discover all manner of traditional rail memorabilia, with train carriages you can actually board and plenty of old machines lovingly restored and cared for outside of the grounds. Ranging from early and late Victorian artifacts all the way up to the twentieth century, this astounding museum is a real treat for anyone who wants to take a trip to the past and get up close to some of the most charming developments in the history of transportation.


3: Can Papiol Romantic Museum

old painting

This wonderful museum comes in the form of an 18th-century manor house and allows you to step back in time and discover what life looked like back when marriage and property were the currency of the day. The beautiful house retains its original structure and layout and you will be taken on a guided tour through the servant’s quarters, the family space and the garden. The house itself is both majestic and elegant as you might expect, with the typical neoclassical style that was common of the day. We highly recommend you take a tour and get an intimate glimpse at this fascinating period of history.



ariel view sitges

And you thought it was all beaches and body boarding. See now, there’s more culture than you’ll know what to do with.

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