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Switzerland may be known for its smooth chocolate and perfect skiing conditions, but there’s so much more to satisfy every sort of traveller, particularly those who enjoy outdoor endeavours like hiking, or mountain biking. But if you’re someone who likes to wander aimlessly through historic town centres, or discover new and interesting things around every corner Switzerland is the place for you. Still not convinced? Maybe these pictures will arouse that deep-seated wanderlust. It will inspire even the most frugal of travellers to throw caution to the wind and venture to the breath-taking delights of Switzerland. Don’t believe me?  Read on and see if you can stop yourself from dreaming of the dazzling delights Switzerland has to offer.

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There's no place quite like the striking city of Zurich, Switzerland's largest city. Many travellers have fallen head over heels in love with this metropolitan beauty. Just look at these relaxed swans, ambling along on the river Limmat, with the historic Fraumunster church standing proudly in the background. 

Limmat river Zurich

There's no sight quite like a sunrise, but Switzerland is home to some of the most beautiful and colourful you'll ever likely see. Just look at this beautiful summer sunrise over the lake Obersee, close to Nafel village.

Sunrise Obersee lake

A classic holiday selfie is something many of us partake in when we go away. But standing on this observation deck in the popular resort town of Interlaken and snapping a picture of your smiling face, with the traditional town and natural Swiss countryside in the distance behind you, will make all your friends jealous.

Interlaken Swiss observation deck

Caumasee is one of the most breathtaking lakes in Switzerland, its crystal clear waters and peaceful surroundings make it the perfect escape, especially for those who enjoy a brisk dip in cool, refreshing waters. You'll find this particular lake near Films, a municipality in the Imboden Region

Caumasee Lake

No doubt you've seen an abundance of pictures, highlighting the mythical beauty of Switzerland and there's one place, in particular, you'll find Switzerland's picture perfect scenery; the Jungfrau region. Take a look at this valley, it can be found on the trail between Murren and Gimmelwold, a popular route for hikers. 

The valley between Murren and Gimmelwold

This picturesque castle gazing out at the city of Sion below is the Valère Basilica. It's the perfect place for budding historians to come and explore Switzerland's past and this cathedral is a great place to start. It dates back as far as the 4th century and the musical pipe organ is said to be one of the oldest in the world.

The Valère basilica and Sion

A misty morning at one of Switzerland's most popular tourist attractions; Chillon Castle. It can be found by the famous Lake Geneva. The perfect place to discover one of the most talked about sights in Switzerland and maybe even Europe. 

 Chillon Castle  

Switzerland is home to many highly beautiful natural landscapes and Lake Blausee is just one of them. It's located in a romantic forest in a nature park and it's the perfect place to stop and enjoy a picnic. 

Lake Blausee in natural forest

 The charming old town of Oberried is the epitome of a traditional Swiss town, located on a magnificent lake with the misty Alps looming over the inhabitants, making it perfect spot for budding photographers.

old town of Oberried

Can you see yourself exploring this historic city centre of Lucerne? Imagine all the sights and the people you'll meet as you enjoy a hot drink in a rustic coffee shop, or wander aimlessly enjoying the intricately designed architecture and the gently flowing river. What could be better? 

Historic city centre Lucerne

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