Mauritius is the picture perfect paradise nestled in the heart of the Indian Sea. The island's striking beauty and tropical charm make for an unforgettable holiday, whether you want an adrenaline-fuelled adventure of rock climbing and scuba diving, or spending your days lazing around on white, sandy beaches, while spotting adorable monkeys in the wild, Mauritius has something for everyone. Still unconvinced? Maybe these ten pictures of Mauritius' jaw-dropping beauty will inspire your next trip. 

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Port Louis umbrellas

If you're looking for a place to snap some colourful selfies, or to take cover from that rare Mauritian phenomenon known as rain, then take a trip to the capital city of Port Louis, and see if you can find these brightly coloured spectacles.  

Port Louis umbrellas

Aerial view of Trou Aux Cerf Volcano 

The Trou Aux Cerf is a dormant volcano, famed for its well-defined cone and crater. Many experts have said, although the volcano is sleeping now, in the next thousand years it will become active again. 

Aerial view of Trou Aux Cerf Volcano

Rochester Falls

This luxurious, natural waterfall can be found in the Savanne district of Mauritius. It's very popular with tourists and many people know it for the rectangular flank rocks. 

Rochester Falls

Spotting Macaque in the wild 

The long-tailed macaque are not native to the island, but they have lived here for over 400 years after Portuguese sailors carried them to Mauritius. But, you can have great fun trying to spot them. 

Macaque in the wild

Snorkelling in the Indian Ocean

The beautifully, crystal-clear waters of the Indian ocean are the perfect place to feed the hungry, tropical fish. 

snorkelling in the Indian Ocean

Stunning natural landscapes 

If you fancied taking a hike up some of Mauritius' mountain ranges, you're in for a breathtaking surprise when you reach the top. Mauritius is home to some of the most stunning natural landscapes.  

Stunning in Mauritius

Giant Grey Tortoise 

Fancy meeting some of the locals? They don't get much better than the domed Mauritius giant tortoise. You'll find them roaming around the islands and islets enjoying fallen leaves and grass. 

giant grey tortoise in Mauritius

Cliff jumping 

Some people just can't get enough of the crystal-clear waters in Mauritius and decide to indulge their adrenaline junkie with cliff jumping. But, do a little research before you take the leap, you never know what's underneath. 

Cliff jumping in Mauritius

Blue Lagoon

Nothing says paradise like a blue lagoon and Mauritius can brag of one of the most strikingly beautiful in all the world. You can take a boat ride along the lagoon, or just sit next to it and marvel at its beauty. 

Blue Lagoon in Mauritius

Chamarel seven coloured earth

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Mauritius and a geological phenomenon, even the torrential, tropical rains can't separate them. 

Chamarel seven coloured earth

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