We’ve all been in that situation, everyone gathered together, lazily chatting about whatever has been going on in life, someone mentions they’re planning a holiday and the debate begins. An instant divide comes over the room, with one half arguing passionately about the reason you should book early and the other half professing the need to wait until the very last minute. But, what should you do? 

Book early pros:

The early bird discount

Booking your holiday early can mean a hefty discount. Plus, you can save even more money on flights, particularly if you wanted to escape further afield. And if you’re watching those pennies for other expenses in the year then booking early is for you.

Enjoy a pre-holiday buzz for longer

There’s no greater feeling than the moment you click on the ‘book now’ button and hear the satisfying ping of the confirmation email coming through on your phone. The pre-holiday buzz begins and booking in advance means you can enjoy the feeling for longer. So, even more evenings of proudly showing your friends where you’re planning to go and daydreaming about all the places you’re going to visit.

More choice

If you’re someone who has always enjoyed a choice, then booking early is for you. The earlier you book the more choice you’ll have. So, you and whoever you decide to take with you can enjoy long discussions about where you’d all like to go.

Great if you are restricted on dates.

If you’re restricted by school holidays, or if you need to book all your holidays from work in advance, then booking early could be a real lifesaver.   


Last-minute Deal Pros 

Being spontaneous

That feeling of not knowing where you’re going can be very exciting. Some people decide to turn up at the airport that morning and chose a place at random. These are the people who get a buzz when making a spontaneous trip to parts unknown.

Getting that great last-minute deal

Waiting for the final second to book that all-important getaway will give you the best price imaginable. Some airlines sell seats that aren’t filled for a very reasonable price.

Great, if you don’t mind when you go

It’s no secret that airlines and other holiday companies put their prices up around peak times. But, if you aren’t constrained by school holidays then you could get as many last-minute deals as you’d want.  

Go to places you never thought

If you aren’t fussy about the location, then you could end up falling in love with a destination you didn’t even consider. Imagine finding a bar in Ireland you never knew existed, or feeding the monkeys in India.

There is no hard and fast rule, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is just pushing their own experiences onto you. Just ask yourself that one fundamental question 'how flexible am I?' If very opt for a last-minute deal. If you need to work around the school holidays – try booking in advance. It's that simple.

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