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The family dynamic is ever-changing. Family time used to mean an evening of snakes and ladders, Guess Who and Monopoly. But, since the rise of hand-held electronics, WIFI, Twitter and streaming services like Netflix, many of us have drifted away from the usual family bonding time. Not to mention many of us juggle our family with the stresses of a highly demanding job and the usual struggles of daily life.  So, in this day and age how do you enjoy time with your family? A world leading scientist from the Washington State University, Professor Jaak Panksepp, believes true family bonding occurs with family holidays.


Why are holidays so great for families?

During the neurological study of families Doctor Panskepp noticed several worrying facts about family life, like one in six Fathers admitting they don’t know how to play with their children and a high number of parents who only play with their children on occasion. But, when in a new environment families play together and share new experiences without any distractions. Parents can be relaxed and enjoy spending their undivided attention on their children. This has huge positive effect on child development including brain development, increasing concentration skills and there’s even a link between holidays and IQs.

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What kinds of holidays would be best?

Holidays in a sensory enriched environment are the best kinds of holidays for families. The feeling of the cold, crystal sea on your skin, sand squished between your toes, long walks in fresh, brisk country air, seeing new colour in a new place. All of these things have a positive effect on us and our abilities to create long and lasting memories, that filter through and effect our lives at home.


What happens if I don’t have the money to take my kids away?

The UK offers the same amount of sensory enriched adventures you can have with your family, without having to spend money on airfare. You could spend your evenings toasting marshmallows with your children and taking long walks over rolling hills. It’ll do you and your family some good, physically and psychologically.  


What kind of holidays do and your families like to take? Comment below and let us know.  

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