There’s an inherent romance to Cyprus, with its azure-blue waters, historical ruins and idyllic beaches, it’s a corner of the world that was made for soulmates.

It’s this innate beauty combined with wonderful villas that means Cyprus is ideal for the honeymooners among you, and happily, we’ve narrowed down the best locations for you to explore hand in hand.

  1. Paphos

view overlooking Paphos

We couldn’t very well talk about landing places for love birds without talking about pretty Paphos. The birthplace of the love goddess herself, Paphos has remained just as magical and mythical as the stories would have it.

Quieter than many other locations in Cyprus, Paphos is renowned for its natural beauty, especially its gorgeous beaches such as the famed Coral Bay, not to mention the plentiful historical sites like the medieval baths and the mysterious catacombs.

If you’re a love bird, particularly of the vulture variety, then Paphos is undoubtedly for you. There, you’ll enjoy a honeymoon of slow beach walks, loved-up wandering around incredible ruins, and evening dinners beside the water wondering if it gets any better than this.

  1. Ayia Napa

Beach in Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is where you go if you’re a couple of birds of a different feather. Held aloft as party central for Cyprus, Ayia Napa thrums and flashes with a nigh time vibrancy that’s hard to pass by. Indeed, if you and your significant other met across a dance floor, then likely as not you’ll be able to happily relieve those days here in awesome Ayia Napa.

All that said, Ayia Napa is not to be considered a one trick pony by any means. To be sure you can spend your nights dancing and partying with your partner in crime, but by day Ayia Napa is just as much of a gracious host.

With wonderfully languid beaches to settle on, water activities to delve into, as well as excellent restaurants, theme parks and museums, there’s much more than partying on offer for the love birds among you.

  1. Protaras

Sunset across the beach in Protaras

Protaras is a joy to discover no matter what sort of holiday you’re after, but it’s especially fun for the newly betrothed among you. The well-known Strip is an especially big pull for tourists, comprising of fantastic restaurants and bars to wine and dine in, as well as a selection of shops to amble through and explore with your beloved.

However, there’s yet more things for a pair of newlyweds to enjoy besides whiling away time on the Strip. With some stunning natural locations like the famous Fig Tree Bay, not to mention thrilling activities like scuba diving and paragliding, you and your beau are sure to fall in love all over again. Oh, and did we mention the villas in Protaras are pretty marvellous too?

  1. Limassol

night time in Limassol

Limassol has been steadily growing in popularity in recent years and it’s no surprise as to why. Picture perfect as all Cyprus locations tend to be, Limassol is another wonderful location for a low-key honeymoon, complete with yet more gorgeous coastline and quirky things to see and do. Kourion Beach is particularly treated as a hallowed spot for the loved-up lot, as it’s not only a pretty spot to enjoy a glass of wine with a view of the sea, but it’s also a renowned spot for sensational sunsets.

For those who prefer getting their spouse wet to simply gazing at them across a table however, there’s the fantastic Fasouri Watermania Water Park, which packs plenty of fun for the more rambunctious couple.

And for those who appreciate excellent body work, you should also defiantly check out the adorable and impressive Historic & Classic Motor Museum.

  1. Larnaca

Blue sky in Larnaca

Larnaca is a fantastic location for an all-round good time no matter what sort of honeymoon you two had in mind. If you’re a couple of romantics in need of lazy sandy days than you’re spoilt for choice with beaches (including the popular Foinikoudes beach), whereas for the adventurers  among you, there’s a great many activities to keep you from doing more than reciting love sonnets back and forth. 

One of the best activities which you’ll fondly remember is to go for a diving experience, as some of the wildlife spotting opportunities are particularly good here. Equally, you’ll find plenty of walking tours, museums and water activities to keep you busy too! Enjoy. 

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