It's official! It is now only one month until Santa comes down the chimney! So to get into the festive spirit, here are the Top 10 things that we are most looking forward to about this time of year. From mince pies to Mariah Carey, we at Clickstay are excited for ALL things Christmassy...


1. Family Time

There's no better time of year to spend time with your family. Whether it is someone you see everyday or once a year, Christmas is the time to spread the love

Christmas Family


2. Christmas Dinner

It's the most highly anticipated meal of the entire year, and it never disappoints... sprouts and all!

Christmas Dinner


3. Christmas Markets

It's the season of Christmas markets, so what better excuse to hop over to Europe for the weekend and get lost in stalls of mulled wine and homemade Christmas decorations? Why not see if we have any apartments close by to stay at!

Germany Christmas Market


4. Christmas Songs

They go round and round in your head until you're singing them in your sleep. But it's not Christmas without Mariah Carey... 

Christmas Music


5. Christmas TV

There's nothing like re-living your childhood at this time of the year and watching all the Christmas films on TV. Our favourite is Home Alone, what's yours? 

Christmas Films Home Alone


6. Christmas Jumpers

They're getting bigger and brighter every year and now we even have a whole day devoted to them. Make sure you're wearing yours on Friday 18th December!

Bridget Jones Christmas Colin Firth


7. Mulled Wine

Whoever had the idea of warming their wine, was a genius...

Mulled wine christmas


8. Mince Pies

We're thinking of starting a campaign for them to be sold all year round... who is with us?!

Mince pies Christmas


9. Gift Giving

The act of gift giving never seems more special than it does at Christmas. Stuck for gift ideas this year? Why not give the gift of holiday memories! Check out our villas and apartments worldwide, here..

Christmas Tree Giving Presents



10. Christmas Parties

Finally, it wouldn't be Christmas without getting dressed up and going to out to a good old party! We hope you enjoy all of your celebrations this year. 

Christmas Party


What's your favourite thing about Christmas? If you want to go away at Christmas, we have villas all around the world.