Introducing the latest in surf technology: the JetSurf

More Brits than ever are taking to water, with recent figures from the British Marine Federation showing that 3.5 million people participated in one or more of 12 boating activities last year - many of them as part of a holiday.

While canoeing and sailing are still the most popular, surfing is rapidly gaining on them. With that in mind, we bring you the latest in surfing tech - the JetSurf.

Built by three Czech engineers, the lightweight kevlar and carbon fibre board is powered by a specially designed two-stroke engine. And as all surfers are hippies are heart, the makers say the board was created with environmental concerns at the forefront. Still, the fastest JetSurf model can clock 35 mph, and the slowest hits 30.

Jet surfing is less risky than other extreme sports, according to the company.

According to a spokesman: "The risks and dangers are minimal mainly because of the light weight design and the auto cut-out feature which stops the engine as soon as the rider lets go of the handle."

The JetSurf is also designed to be packable and portable - just compact enough to take on your next surf holiday.  

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