10 Photos To Inspire A Last Minute Mediterranean Holiday

Summer is nearly over! But it's still sunny in the Mediterranean and there's always an excuse for a last minute holiday, right?! We've put together a list of some of our favourite seaside holiday destinations in Europe to give you some last-minute wanderlust to go and catch the last of the summer sun! 

12 Stunning Movie Locations That Will Make You Want To Travel

We all wanted to visit Greece's islands after Mammia Mia! (2008) and inherited itchy feet watching Leo uncover the paradise of the Thai islands in The Beach (2000). Whilst film continues to provide us with endless wanderlust, it is now time to experience it for yourself! Here are ten movies that are guaranteed to make you want to pack your bags and travel the world...

A New Life for The Azure Window

A few months ago, people mourned the loss of the famous Maltese landmark; The Azure Window, after it collapsed one night because of a heavy storm. The devastating news hit headlines across the world in March. But the saying every cloud has a silver lining has never been more accurate, as divers are heading to Gozo, to scuba dive amongst the wreckage of the famous landmark.