The Top 7 Destinations For Easter Sun

The Easter break provides the ideal opportunity to seek out some early sunshine, or explore a brand new city. Flip-flops...check! Sunnies...check! Beach towel...check! We think you're almost ready for your annual dose of Easter sun...

15 Things You Might Not Know About Croatia

Croatia - that strange-shaped country in the shadow of Italy's boot - definitely shouldn't be overlooked. It has all the typical features of the Med - the balmy weather, ancient walled towns, and sapphire seas - but its stunning natural beauty and quirky culture is guaranteed to knock your socks off. We've made a list of things you might not know about Croatia...

14 Reasons Why Slovenia is Perfect For Your Next Adventure

“Where even is Slovenia?!” I hear you ask. And I don’t blame you, because it is not particularly well-known as a holiday destination. It’s a small country sandwiched between Croatia, Italy, Austria and Hungary, with some incredible natural landscapes and a welcoming rustic charm. In my opinion, it hasn't been given its just deserts. So here are Clickstay’s 14 reasons why Slovenia must be your next holiday destination.

11 Things You May Not Know About Montenegro

Montenegro is tucked between Croatia, Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo – so it may not be the obvious option when thinking ahead to your next holiday destination. Popular with Eastern European holiday-makers, it’s a mountainous country with a dramatic landscape and a crystal-clear Adriatic coastline which gives the feeling of having been dropped into a fairytale land… It’s a mystery to me that more Brits don’t try it out as it’s less than 3 hours’ flight away.