Fancy a Flounder in these Florida Pools?

Who doesn’t fancy Florida? She’s got that slicked-back hair and shades thing going on and let’s not even start on the beaches and Disney trips on offer. Florida is the sun-drenched dream of many a holiday goer and the fun starts from the moment you step into your villa. Yes, we're talking about the wonderful pools, here are a few of our favourites!

Quiz: How well do you know the sunshine state?

Florida; the sunshine state, home to over 20 million people and it’s rising by 1000 new residents every day. It’s also the place millions flock to every year, nearly 113 million in 2016 alone. There’s no doubt it’s one of the most popular states in the whole of Florida. But, the big question is; are you one of the people who have fallen head over heels for the south-eastern state? If you’re eagerly nodding in answer to this question then you’ve probably visited every theme park in Orlando and dined in every worthwhile restaurant in Miami, but do you know where to find crocodiles and alligators coexisting in the wild? Or do you know what year Disney World opened? Well take this tricky Florida test and find out how well you know Florida.