The Wonders of Wanderlust: 33 Great Quotes About Travel

There's nothing quite like travel, and we were so stumped as to how to express the endless wonder of it all that we decided to provide you with 33 great quotes about it! Here you'll find writers, travellers and even some fictional characters giving their view on the endlessly fascinating hobby that is travel.

Owner Interview: Mary tells us about her ski chalet in Bulgaria

Yes, that's right, you can ski in Bulgaria and believe it or not, it's actually got some fantastic resorts! It gets a good dumping of snow and is one of the cheapest ski destinations, with a pint of local beer costing just 1 euro in many bars! Mary joined Clickstay as an owner in January 2013 and has a luxury ski chalet in Pamporovo ski resort in Bulgaria. She tells us a bit about her property and why she loves its location...

Holiday like a Greek God

 It doesn’t matter if you have an in-depth knowledge of Ancient Greek Gods, or a mild interest in the film adaptations of their stores, the fact is these myths are deeply rooted in the history of many countries throughout Europe and the world. Names like Heracles, Zeus and Aphrodite are all characters within Greek mythology, whose names are now commonplace in modern society and you could be enjoying a similar lifestyle to them as you sup beautifully crafted wine and lay back enjoying these luxurious properties, all located in countries with ties to Ancient Greek mythology... 

Greece vs Bulgaria: Which will you choose?

No doubt you’ve been deliberating the big question. Turning it over in your mind, hopelessly searching for an answer. It happens every year, resulting in family squabbles and endless hours trawling through random sites, looking for the answer to that all-important question; where will we go on holiday this year? No doubt there are many European destinations on the list, if not here are two you may seriously want to consider, Greece and Bulgaria. One is a highly underrated, Eastern European haven, with striking mountains, sandy beaches and cobbled streets. The other is a timeless classic, with an array of islands, Ancient culture, mouth-watering dishes and palm-fringed beaches, which will you choose?

9 Brilliant Things To Do In Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast

Every summer, thousands of tourists - and Bulgarians - descend upon the popular Black Sea coastline. Bulgaria holidays offer a fantastic alternative to its European neighbours, like Spain and Portugal. Not only is it more affordable, holidays to Bulgaria and the Black Sea coast offer a plethora of things to see and do, with a rich cultural heritage and history and a great selection of pristine beaches to visit. With many holiday-makers flocking to Sunny Beach this summer, we've listed 9 brilliant things to do in the Black Sea coast...