Our Seaside Baby interview

Polly Basak, the owner and author of Our Seaside Baby, tells us why she decided to start her blog and why travelling with her son, Pip is an important part of her life...

Tell me a little about Our Seaside Baby?

Our Seaside Baby is a family travel & lifestyle blog based in the sunny seaside town of Brighton. I write about our adventures in Sussex, around the UK and our trips abroad. So far, we have been to Wales, France, Italy, Holland and India and on many weekend breaks & day trips around the UK. My son ‘Pip’ is nearly four so he’s at a wonderful fun age and a great travel companion. I love taking photos and sharing stories about our travels on my blog.

What made you want to start the blog?    

I started my blog in 2014 when I was on extended maternity leave. I have always written in one way or another and I thought I’d give blogging a try. I wanted to find a way to be creative & work from home whilst still looking after a baby. I started ‘Our Seaside Baby’ and haven’t looked back. It’s been a huge learning curve and I’ve had so many opportunities come my way through blogging. I’ve worked with many wonderful brands like Clickstay, attended prestigious events and conferences, made friends through blogging and love being part of this fantastic online community. Mostly, it allows me to be creative, work flexibly and write about what I’m truly passionate in.

Our Seaside Baby

What has been your favourite post, since starting the blog?

Going to India last year and taking my son for the first time was such an amazing experience and my passion and enthusiasm shows in my writing. I enjoyed sharing our stories on India and there are still many more related posts to come. Many people continue to comment on my India posts and it’s lovely to hear from others who share with me their own experiences or those that want to go.

What has been your favourite destination you’ve visited?

It has to be India. My father was Indian and I have family in Kolkata. I went to India for the first time when I was four and wanted to take Pip to meet his Indian side of the family. I hadn’t been in quite a few years and it was everything I expected and more. India is so unique and vibrant. It’s so full of life and colour, a treat for the senses. Indian food is amazing, the sites are stunning and people are so warm and welcoming. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Why do you think it’s important for families to travel?

Travelling is such an amazing experience. I think it’s so important for children to see the world through their eyes. Seeing other cultures and religions is not only educational but a wonderful way to connect with others, have unique experiences and make some amazing memories. I feel, even from a young age, travel changes your perceptions of life, open’s your mind to different ways of life and in general makes you more adaptable.

You’ve worked with Clickstay before, if you could in one of our villas for a week where would you go?

Clickstay have so many amazing villas around the world but if I had to pick in Europe I’d choose Italy. We took Pip when he was a baby and I’d love to return. Further afield, I’d choose Goa, in a villa near one of the beautiful Indian beaches.

Pip on the beach

What do you have planned for the future of Our Seaside Baby?

Pip starts school in September so I want to make the most of our family time together before then. I have some exciting trips planned this year and will continue to document as much as I can on my blog.

What advice would you give families who want to travel more, but feel they can’t?  

Family travel doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. I read other travel experiences all the time and am amazed at all the parents travelling around the world with their kids in tow. Being a single parent with just one pair of hands has additional challenges but if I can do it, you can too! My advice would be to start with small trips and build upwards. The thought of travelling with my toddler alone terrified me a couple of years ago but now I love the challenge. We spent a week in Wales recently, just myself & Pip, and it was one of our best holidays ever. In terms of expense, there are many affordable options. Look at flight sales and cheaper alternatives nearer to home. A trip is an adventure and I would say just do it. There is so much to see our there, the world is your oyster.

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