Mother's Day in Spain

Another Mother’s Day has passed by and each of us celebrated the woman who gave us life in a variety of different ways, from days out to breakfast in bed. However, if the celebration slipped your mind, or if the obligatory bunch of dying flowers, bought in haste from a garage didn’t quite cut it this year, maybe you need to buy yourself a little time and become the favourite child, by surprising your Mum with a trip to Spain. From Costa Blanca to Barcelona and Valencia, the Spaniards know how to take the culture bar up a notch and we're sure the limitless tapas and flamenco dancing will put you back in mum's good books for sure. 

Take in some Galician literature

If you were planning on spending a few weeks in Spain, you may want to take a day trip to Galicia, on the 17th of May and enjoy a public reading of a classic Galician story, poem or essay to observe the 'the day of literature.' Every year this local holiday celebrates an influential, Galician writer, such as Rosalía de Castro whose work ‘Cantares gallegos’ marked the cultural renaissance of the Galician language, known as the Rexurdimento.

Galician literature day

Dine on traditional Spanish cuisine

The locals of Spain can proudly brag of some of the most mouthwatering food in the Mediterranean. So, maybe it’s time to treat your Mum to some exceptionally delicious tapas dishes. If you’re looking for an emerging foodie haven, the Northern region of Navarre has been named by Conde Nast as ‘Spain’s next great food scene.’

Spanish tapas

Enjoy some flamenco

There’s one age old tradition that Spaniards have perfected over the years – flamenco. This heart stopping entertainment is a must see and a great night out for the whole family.  Towards the end of May you could experience the festival of Cordoba, which celebrates Nuestra Señora de la Salud, our lady of health in Córdoba, streets are filled with horse-drawn carriages, flamenco dress, “Sevillana” music and wine. But, the New York Times named Tabalo el Arenal, in Seville as one of the best venues to see the curious tradition. Former dancer and founder of Tabalo, Curro Velez once said “What I present is truly authentic; the wealth of popular Andalusian flamenco culture that has taken on a universal dimension through those who share my blood." – A night which won’t disappoint.

Flamenco in Spain

Discover the world’s finest collection of European Art

The Museo Nacional Del Prado, in Madrid is home to some of the finest pieces of European art work, from some of the greatest minds to grace the world of art. You could take your Mum to marvel at work by Rafael, one of the greatest artists of the high renaissance in Italy, or find work by Ribera, one of the masters of 17th century artistry.

Great art in Spain

So, if you've been a bit slack this Mother's Day this year, book an impromptu trip for two to Spain to indulge in some quality culture with mamma.