Nine Travel Rules - "No Nos" For Tourists

We all know - or should know - that some countries we travel to have strict rules against certain things, such as drinking in public in the Gulf States, or jaywalking in the US.

However some "no nos" are much less obvious than others, and a little cultural and legal understanding can go a long way. The folks at Fly Dubai recently put together a list of such travel rules, taboos and offences and we give you some of the odder ones:



1. Austria

If you travel from one Austrian state to another, even if it's just for a day trip, take your passport. Austrian law requires visitors to have the document on them at all times. And no, even an EU driving licence will not suffice as proof of identity. Austrians aren't Germanic for nothing you know.



2. Kenya

Sticklers for formality, a Kenyan will be privately offended if you use their first name without a proper level of familiarity. Stick to "Mr" "Miss" or "Mrs" attached to their last name, even "Sir" or "Madam" if you don't know it.



3. India

Watch yourself with binoculars - check it's ok to use them. India's police and security forces are notoriously lacking in humour about such equipment, and will tend to assume you're a spy if they see them in use.
Binoculars Picture: Späth Chr.


4. Germany

Going to give a German friend a nice bottle of Riesling as a token of your esteem? Don't. Get them something French instead, or South African. Giving them domestic wine implies they cannot provide decent wine themselves.



5. Barbados

Got a favourite pair of camouflage shorts that have been simply everywhere with you? Don't take them to the island nation. Camouflage clothing is reserved for the military, and only the military. You don't want to look like the kind of person planning to start a revolution do you?
Camoshorts Picture: K1X


6. Thailand

Never speak ill of the king in public, or write, or tweet. The crime of Lèse majesté is taken very seriously in Thailand, and usually results in a prison sentence.



7. China

Forget you're British please. Don't ask for milk in tea. The Chinese are rightfully proud of their teas, and the drink has a powerful cultural meaning. They'll be pretty offended if you ask for it to be white.
Chinese Tea Picture: Wikipedia


8. Chile

Always use your knife and fork in Chile, even if the food looks ideal for eating with the hands. Oh, and keep your hands above the table, never on your lap.



9. Russia

Don't give flowers in even numbers, always odd. Even numbers are for funerals don't you know?