New Q&A: Mums Do Travel blogger Gretta Schifano

We love reading Gretta Schifano's blog about travelling with her teenagers and we recently had the opportunity to quiz Gretta on the ins and outs of blogging and find out what makes a perfect holiday for her family:


Hi Gretta. What was the inspiration for your travel blog – Mums Do Travel?

I was working as a freelance journalist, and a food blogger friend suggested that I should start a blog. I’d had some family travel features published and so I decided to start a blog as a kind of portfolio for my work and to share our family travel experiences.


With two teenage children to plan a holiday around, what is the most important thing that you look for when choosing a destination?

I published a couple of blog posts about this very subject last year, one from the parents’ perspective and the other from the teens’ perspective! The destination needs to be somewhere where each member of the family is happy to go - it’s important to involve teenagers in planning family holidays.

Read Gretta's blog posts by clicking here.


What is your holiday accommodation absolute must have?

Wifi is absolutely crucial for both me and my teens. I need it so that I can keep up with my blog and social media channels, the kids need it because they’re teens.


What three things are on your holiday packing list that you really cannot forget?

My mobile phone, DSLR camera and chargers.


What is your favourite thing about travelling as a family and can you give any advice on balancing your holiday so that it is both relaxing and fun for everyone?

My favourite thing about travelling as a family is spending quality time together, away from the routine of school and work. My husband works very long hours and travels a lot on business, so it’s always good to be together.

It’s important to think about what everyone wants from a holiday - don’t force teens to do something which they don’t want to do. You can always leave them by the pool while you go off sightseeing!


Which destinations are on your bucket list for 2016 if holidaying with or without your children?

We’re going to Portugal this summer for the first time ever, and I’m really looking forward to exploring somewhere new. I’m also planning a trip to Holland, and UK short breaks to Staffordshire, the Kent coast and the Isles of Scilly. My daughter leaves school this summer and we’re planning a mum and daughter trip too, once she finishes her exams.


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