Clickstay Mummy Blogger Awards - Top Tips for Travelling with Children!


We believe that nothing in life beats going on holiday with your family, and self-catering holiday homes are the best way to keep accommodation costs down when you take the little ones away with you. That’s why we love it when owners add children-friendly properties, we have nearly 11,000 at the moment.

We also know how stressful going abroad with the kids can be… So we have got together with nine fantastic Mummy Bloggers to bring you the best tips for travelling with children so you can be as prepared as possible on your next family holiday. Take a look at the entries here, and cast your vote! The winner gets a £1,000 voucher for one of our villas in Portugal.      

Here are our favourite tips from each entry:


Being Mrs C says: Don’t try to do too much

Travel, and all the new and exciting experiences that go with it, can be exhausting for adults, let alone for children. Remember that they are likely to get tired and to need some down time too. Try not to pack your days with too many activities and late nights as experience has shown that it may well lead to meltdowns, and no one wants that on holiday!


Bubba Babble says: Take some pocket money in the currency of the country you are going to.

Or as I affectionately call it 'tat money', my girl can then be free to roam around trying to find something to buy with her small change. It keeps her busy for ages and makes every where we go an adventure in shopping for her. It also teaches her the value of money in different countries and handling money. Then the toy or ice cream or bucket and spade she has just purchased becomes her new prize possession.


Glasgow Mummy says: Start a Travel Journal

My mum encouraged my sister and I to start a travel journal when we moved to the Middle East and I'm so grateful she did as its a fantastic keepsake for us to look back on. On our first long haul flight we had our A4 book with us and we wrote & drew in this with details of our flight and what we had to eat. It also kept us occupied during our holidays as we collected ticket stubs, menus etc to record our adventures.


Inside Out & About says:  Bribery

This is naughty one and I wouldn’t usually condone, but it saved us from a number of tricky moments. It’s amazing what Winston will do for a couple of pieces of Kinder chocolate. I carried three ‘bribes’ around with me each day. Some days we needed all three and some days we didn’t need any.


Mummy Constant says: Spread the clothes across the suitcases

I packed when the children were asleep the night before we left, so I could do it in peace and concentrate. I piled up all of the children’s clothes and ours then split the clothes across our three suitcases. This is so that if a suitcase goes missing you are not without one child’s entire wardrobe or yourself for that matter.


Side Street Style says: Notepad and stickers

Our son will spend a good half an hour just sticking and writing in his notepad, it's really cheap and easy, and you can also encourage them to start a travel journal.


Slummy Single Mummy says: (when planning a honeymoon with kids) Go to Disneyland!

Apparently this is a thing. I asked on Twitter if anyone had taken their kids on honeymoon with them and about three people came back within a minute saying ‘Yes! We went to Disneyland!’ Personally I can’t think of anything worse, but if you like Disney, rollercoasters and overpriced food then this could be your dream family honeymoon destination.


The Bristol Parent says: Take your own paddling pool

We also packed our own paddling pool. Again, this folds down to tiny, and is useful for two things. Firstly, if you don’t have a pool but you want to create a splashy, cool afternoon without leaving your place, you can do it within minutes. Secondly, if you do have a pool but it turns out to be too cold, or not fenced off, and you need to distract your kid from it, then this works a treat. Best fiver spent.


The Crumby Mummy says: Play fun travel games

Bob loves to play games whilst we are travelling. After we had exhausted ‘I Spy’ we invented some games of our own. One of Bob’s favourites is the song game. You have to hum or la a tune and everyone has to guess what it is. At first Bob wasn’t very good at this. She used to sing random notes and I don’t think she even knew what she was singing. It was hilarious. Now she hums actually songs so the game is easier to play but not as funny.


What would you add to this list?

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