Which way? Madeira

Many consider it an honour to be nominated. But, this wasn’t good enough for the people of Madeira, who can proudly say they have won the best island destination four years, at the annual World Travel Awards. Over the years, different countries walked away with various prizes in particular categories, but over the past four years Madeira won best island destination in the European category, and the other two years they proudly walked away with the best island in the world award, beating Bali and the Philippines. 

“We offer so many different things in Madeira,” says Dr. Antonio de Freitas Jesus, the Regional Secretary of Economy, Tourism and Culture for Madeira. “We are a country of mountains sea and culture, this is very important for us. We want to offer everyone a unique experience and everyone is involved in this goal. I believe when you get to Madeira you feel something different.” 

However, if winning these prestigious awards, four years in a row isn't enough to spark a desire to pack your bags and roam the rugged, natural landscape of Madeira, maybe these pictures will change your mind:

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Cliffs in Madeira 

These beautiful Madeiran cliffs, at sunset is one of the many breathtaking views you could see on your next trip the Portugese island.  

Madeira cliffs

Mountain ranges 

The Pico Ruivo and Pico do Aeeiro, are stunning mountain ranges, that creates a peaceful mystique at sunset.

Mountain peaks Madeira

Madeira's collection of wildlife

Madeira has a cute collection of wildlife you can find on the island, from the majestic bottlenose dolphins to the adorable chaffinch and everything in between. 

Madeira wildlife

The city life 

The stunning city of Funchal is beautiful, regardless if it's day or night.

Funchal by night Madeira

Colour in Madeira 

Madeira is home to many vibrant places, Porto Moniz is the perfect coastal town, to find colour and stunning natural beauty.

Porto Moniz Madeira

Now we've seduced you with romantic images of Madeira, no doubt you're wistfully dreaming of a holiday to see all these sights first-hand. But, alas the finiancial burden of life seems to be holding you back. Well, you're in luck if you download the PDF for 'A Stay Away', you can receive a discount off your next Madeiran adventure.

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