Thailand seems to be the place on everyone’s lips and it’s easy to see why, the striking beauty of the coastlines with crystal-clear waters and white-sandy beaches and the mouth-watering food, freshly made by local chefs, are enough to make all of us dream about spending lazy days lapping up the sun in a tropical paradise. But, for one British property owner, the dream wasn’t enough and he uprooted his life and left for the breathtaking beauty of Thailand. Derrick tells us about his properties and why he thinks you will fall in love with the country, just as much as he did.

Tell us about the property:

It’s about 400m to the seafront, on the sunset coast, with a large pool, jacuzzi, sauna and fantastic views – it’s so clear you feel as though you can touch it.

I work on other side of the island and I’m close by if need be. It’s quiet, tranquil and gives you time to reflect. One of the best parts is the design, it’s uncluttered, with an open space. Plus, it’s in Southern Thailand, where the weather’s great which means summer all year round.

Why did you decide to move to Thailand?

I’ve lived overseas for many years, I intended to move to Spain, but someone mentioned Koh Samui so I got on a plane and went to visit. When I got there, I thought “this is the place I should be.”

I was stuck in England and I’ve always been a little adventurous. It’s never too cold or too hot – so it’s perfect for me. Every now and then the rain pours down, but disappears very quickly and you’re looking at blue skies in a few minutes. I fell in love with Thailand and I’ve lived here for five years, it’s such a nice and friendly place.

What is there to do in Thailand?

There’s so much in Thailand, you can get a wide variety of cuisines and international flavours – all over the place. The medical facilities are well connected and you can always hop on a plane and spend the day in Bangkok, it’s only 55 minutes. If you fancied sailing, there’s good waters, or you can just enjoy the relaxing, sandy beaches.  

Where would you recommend as a good place to enjoy a meal out? 

I’d recommend the shack in the fisherman’s village, they serve excellent BBQ food – I’ve never had a bad meal at the shack.

Why should they stay in a villa when staying in Thailand? 

A lot of people are comforted by the fact we’re only a short distance away and it makes them feel safer. Thailand is a unique culture and people who haven’t been before tend to like having someone who knows the country. It’s just the small things most people wouldn’t think about, like cabs, some of them charge just to go up a hill. It’s quite an alien place like that.

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