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Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea lies one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world; Italy, with over 40 million holidaymakers a year jetting off to experience the iconic landscape. Even the word Italy evokes fantasies of whispering a wish to a coin and throwing it over your head into the 18th-century sculpted Trevi fountain, filling your mouth with the handmade Neapolitan pizza, or lying back on a gondola, watching the blue lagoons of Venice whisk you away to a simpler time. Don’t believe us? Then listen to the experts. We’ve taken advice from some of our Travel Bloggers about why they love Italy.

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Positively Jessica was the blogger of the month, featured in the Clickstay digital magazine. Her blog features tips on how to live a positive lifestyle, even on the road. Jessica tells us why she fell head over heels for the Italian capital city of Rome:

Positively Jessica Ward









“Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Rome and admire the architecture that surrounds the romantic city. Rome continues to evolve but the beauty never fades, it only ever becomes eternal and real.” - The three things I learnt in Rome 

Rome at sunset


Our Italian competition winner Hello Cuppies, a UK based baking and lifestyle blog, she gives her opinion on why Venice is the place to be:

Hello cuppies

“There’s no denying Venice is absolutely gorgeous in Spring. The city awakens from its wintry spell and wisteria blooms over the canals. The Venetians are welcoming, the atmosphere is fresh, and the views are full of sunshine and light.  There’s flowers…. and lots of them. Everywhere. The darkest of back streets come to life with pops of colour – evident from the labyrinth of narrow bridges, courtyards and winding canals.” - Venice in Spring

Venice gondolas


Travel Antics aims to explore the world through the people we meet along the way and Naples is the perfect place for a spot of people watching.

Travel Antics

“Naples is filled with people who will stick in your mind long after the wheels of your plane touch the tarmac in your home country. The small, rustic pizzerias owned by the same family for generations, are a small part of a city that has one of the most compelling histories in all of Europe… and it’s just waiting for you to explore it!” - The many faces of Naples

Naples and mount vesuvius


On the Luce gives great advice on travelling in style, even on a budget. She tells us why you’ll fall in love with the charm of Sorrento:

On the luce

“In Greek mythology, Sorrento was home to the sirens, who lured passing sailors onto the rocks with their beautiful songs. And it still pulls in the visitors today – though today it’s the panoramic views across the Bay of Naples, sunny weather, fantastic food and laid-back atmosphere that do the luring. I first visited Sorrento a few years back and totally fell in love with the town and couldn’t wait to go back, and I’m not alone” - Sirens and sunsets: what to see and do in Sorrento

Sorrento lake

Lake Garda

Need another holiday is the blog of Mum and full-time worker Claire, who is always looking for another break, particularly to Lake Garda.

Need another holiday

“Lago di Garda itself was almost swimming pool green in the Autumn light. And one of the best bits about Sirmione was that in being a peninsula, you could see the lake whether you looked East or West. Few things in life mesmerise me or make me happier and more peaceful than looking out across sparkling water, no matter where I might be. But watching the sunset over Lake Garda at Sirmione was something else entirely, especially with the pleasing warm Prosecco buzz to wrap me up in the October chill.” - Lake Garda the sights of stunning Sirmione 

Lake Garda

Tell us which is your favourite part of Italy and why