It may be Blue Monday but don't let that get you down - here's how to survive the worst case of Mondays there is. 

Blue Monday cup


1. Review your New Years resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Do some soul searching and find out which of your 2019 goals have legs and which ones need working on. This is the ideal time to scrap any duds and replace with new holiday destinations to visit for instance... 

2. Find a cheap holiday

Villa in Kefalonia

Take advantage of that prosperous new annual leave allowance and book a cheap holiday in 2019. The only thing blue about this villa in Kefalonia is the ocean views from the private pool. 

3. Start saving for your trip 

Piggy bank on the beach

Tackle the Christmas credit card bill and then work out a budget that will get you to your big holiday of the year. No better time than the present to start racking up spending money for the holiday you'll be reminiscing about next Christmas! We've got a Blue Monday discount that will get you saving from the get-go:

Code: BlueMonday 

Discount:  £80 discount on bookings worth £850 or more

Only valid on qualifying bookings made between 20/01/2019 and 23/01/2019