Cyprus is one of those destinations that appeals to all manner of holiday goers, from big family groups to a much-needed girl’s trip. And let’s face it, it’s no surprise as to why, from the beaches, food, events and of course, beautiful accommodation, there’s plenty to make a holiday to Cyprus worthwhile.

The thing is though, you have to spend quite a few pretty pennies to have the kind of holiday that you end up talking about for years to come, right?

Wrong. And here’s how to turn that cheap Cyprus trip into the ultimate luxurious experience.

Go Self-Catered With Accommodation

Cyprus villa with pool

There’s a lot of reasons to go self-catered with any holiday of course, from the freedom it affords you to the vast array of holiday properties to choose from, but this is all the more true in Cyprus.

From beautiful sprawling villas with private pools to cute and cosy small properties, Cyprus villas are among some of the best when it comes to fancy accommodation at great prices.

Don’t believe us? Why not check out our budget-friendly properties in Cyprus.

Fancy Food

Cyprus food

Food makes all the difference when it comes to changing a holiday from cheap and cheerful to cheap and deluxe. With self-catered, you have all the choices and with it, all the advantages, so why not make your bargain holiday a culinary delight?

In Cyprus, land of great food, it’s easier and cheaper than you might think.

Make your meals special by filling your fridge with lots of things to have your very own Meze! Pick some traditional Cyprus delights like fried halloumi, olives, hummus, sheftalia and then round it all off with some classic Cyprus wine!

For an extra-special treat, head on out for a meal. Enjoying fresh calamari and mouth-watering souvlaki in some cosy little establishment by the beach doesn’t cost the earth and makes for a real authentic experience of Cyprus life.

Self-Made Spa

spa day in Cyprus

Have a spa day in your lovely villa. Purchase some local scented soaps and oils and settle into your glorious villa bathroom and enjoy, before heading out to the garden with a good book and a glass of wine (pre-chilled naturally!).

If you’ve gone the extra mile and also have a pool with your accommodation, then a swim before your self-made spa will feel even more luxurious and gives you time to really appreciate and make use of your lovely holiday property.

One New Item

women with new clothes in a suitcase

This one depends on you and what makes for a ‘treat’. Maybe it’s a new book, or a dress or heck, a miniature glass animal, but whatever it is, having something new that you put away until holiday time can make all the difference.

Pulling that new dress off the hanger (for example) on day one of the holiday is an added treat and you’ll feel extra special as you head out to explore in it.

Trust us, one little treat can really vamp up a holiday no matter where you go!

Embrace All The Free Things On Offer

Cyprus architecture

Honestly, there’s so many wonderful things on offer for free in Cyprus that you could entertain yourself for a week straight and not spend a thing.

For one thing, there are plenty of beautiful things and locations in Cyprus that are well worth visiting, be them architectural, historical or natural. Take a look at some of the most photographed of them in Cyprus here.

Not only that, but plenty of locations in Cyprus have fun and free things to do that will not only keep your pockets full, but also keep you feeling like you’re having a holiday that’s full-on luxury. Take Paphos for example, there’s some wonderful free things on offer and happily for you, we’ve already listed them here.

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