Celebrity Holiday on a Budget

From time to time we all fancy a taste of the glamorous celebrity lifestyle, especially when we're on holiday! We might dream of big hotels, miles of white sandy beaches and cocktails on tap, but often they are just that... dreams! However, with these Top 10 Tips, now you can live the high-life for less...


1. The DIY Holiday 

Do It Yourself! It is often surprising how much money you can save by booking your flights and accommodation separately. A villa holiday is a perfect example - AND you can often end up somewhere more luxurious for a similar amount of money! You can see our villas and apartments here. 

Luxury Villa in Thailand Celebrity

One of our luxury Villas in Thailand...


2. Book Early

Booking in advance is a great way to ensure you're left with a little more money for those little luxuries later on. The early bird catches the worm... 

Book early to save money

Book now at clickstay.com


3. Pick Somewhere where the Champagne is Cheap(er)!

Did you know that the tax on wine is an astonishing EIGHT TIMES higher in Britain than it is in France?! Fancy some bubbles? See our villas and apartments in France... 

Champagne celebrity budget



4. Make the Most of Duty Free

Remember, if you're planning on making your own cocktails, it's always a good idea to buy your alcohol in Duty Free. Buying drinks is always expensive, so this will help your budget stretch a little further!

cocktails beach celebrity clickstay budget holiday



5. Go On A Boat 

It's not rare to see celebrities sunning themselves on the front of an enormous yacht. Now, you can too... Did you know we've got yachts for hire? You can see our yachts available for chartering right here!

Private Yacht Hire

One of our Private Yachts available in Turkey


6. Locations where Lobster is Less...

Lobster is seen by the rich and famous as the ultimate delicacy. Did you know it's much cheaper in places like Spain and Portugal? If you like Lobster, you might want to check out our villas and apartments in Spain...

Lobster Spaghetti Celebrity Budget Holiday Food



7. Be a Smart Shopper

Don't go on a last minute bikini binge. You might not be thinking about swimwear in the depths of winter, but your bank balance will thank you for thinking ahead if you shop the sales!

Holiday Shopping



8. Rent a Jet Ski 

And feel like James Bond. Need we say more?

Jet Ski Celebrity Budget Holiday



9. Take Loads of Photos

Flood your social media pages with photos of you living the high life! Nowadays if it's not on your Facebook... it's like it never happened! 

Selfie photo holiday celebrity budget

The more selfies... the better!


10. The Bigger your Sunglasses, the Better!

Everyone knows the bigger your sunglasses the more glamorous you are... Right?!

sunglasses baby glamorous


Want to holiday like a celebrity? Book your next trip now!