Guest Post: 5 of the Best Restaurants in Palma de Mallorca

 Don’t you love the rush of warm air that meets you as you step off a plane and into the terminal building of the airport? This is something that never fails to make an impression on me when I land in Mallorca, one of the beautiful islands in the Balearics. In that brief moment of time, my senses are brought alive with the sweet smell of trees and plants in the humid air. My anticipation grows as I make my way through passport control and baggage claim, hurrying me through the airport so I can inhale more of the Mediterranean air outside.  

Hannah Mallorca

Me in front of Palma Cathedral

It’s amazing how a single second or two can lead to so much excitement for the rest of the holiday ahead. Mallorca greets its visitors with such warmth, and these moments simply snowball the longer you are there. That initial jolt to the senses is a sensation that continues as the days pass, and I always find that a sure-fire way to make this happen is through the island’s food.  

Eating out in Palma de Mallorca

Wherever you are on the island, the capital of Palma de Mallorca is easy enough to get to – and it’s well worth it as there are so many options for amazing meals. It takes around an hour to drive from Port de Pollença in the north-east, and a similar time from Cala D’or on the south-east coast. It’s only 30 minutes by car from Magaluf, making it an ideal day-trip destination for families, couples or partygoers on any part of the island. Of course Palma itself makes an excellent choice for a holiday destination; there are so many interesting villas and apartments in Palma within the city limits, and plenty of villas to be found just outside. Staying in Palma means that you can explore the city’s culinary scene at your leisure, but if you’re just visiting for the day you can be clever by making a plan ahead of time, and making sure you get a table reserved for restaurants where appropriate.   Saying that, there is plenty in the way of quick and easy food too. All you need to do is drop into a bakery to pick up a traditional bun or sweet treat. But if you want to do it properly, make sure to check out at least one of the best restaurants in Palma. I’ve handpicked some of my favourites so you have one less job to do before you go on holiday; you’ll find these below…  

Traditional cuisine

Whenever I travel somewhere new, I take great pleasure in sampling the local produce – both food and drink. There are usually some great bargains to be found in markets, and I’ve had some pretty special bottles of wine, especially in the Mediterranean region. Some travellers perhaps aren’t as adventurous and are a little sceptical of the unknown, but this is something to overcome in Mallorca as the food is sublime!   1. Sapiens Mallorca Rated as the 15th best restaurant in Palma by the Trip Advisor community, Sapiens Mallorca is a must-visit if you want to sink your teeth into some amazing tapas. The restaurant interior is all whitewashed walls and wooden features, making you feel welcome and comfortable. When it comes to the food, it’s vibrant, honest and affordable. Try their Spanish omelette, octopus, and cod with alioli for a few flavour sensations. Address: Vallseca 12, Palma De Mallorca, Spain   2. Sa Roqueta The Guardian has described the paellas at Sa Roqueta as “perfect”, which is reason enough to head there on your next trip. Located in the Portixol area, there is much less hustle and bustle to content with than in the centre of the city. The fresh seafood is the real winner here, which might just be what gives the paella a special edge over the competition. Address: Carre Sirena 11, Palma De Mallorca, Spain  

Exciting eateries

It’s always fun to try some places that are worth writing home about on your postcards, so I’d recommend heading to some bolder eateries during your trip too. These come in many forms and there will always be something to explore just around the corner, but here are some to look out for…   3. Cerveceria Anfos Have you ever wandered through a market and wished that someone could prepare the food you find? If you pick up fish or seafood in Mercat de L’Olivar, Cerveceria Anfos are more than happy to prepare it for you. They also have a menu if you aren’t in the mood for hunting down the catch of the day, but this is where the real adventure of the eatery comes into its own. Address: Mercat de l’Olivar, Plaza Olivar 4, Palma De Mallorca   4. Simply Fosh If you’ve brought enough of the local currency with you, Simply Fosh is a restaurant which is sure to take your breath away. It’s located in the refectory of a 17th-century hotel in the heart of the city. The food is worthy of its Michelin star; there is an emphasis on clean flavour and seasonal ingredients, whilst retaining the balance of Mediterranean cuisine. Address: Carrer de la Missió 7A, Palma De Mallorca   5. Celler Sa Premsa Much of the eating and drinking in Mallorca takes place on patios and terraces, but there are plenty of characterful buildings that make the ideal location for a meal. Celler Sa Premsa is one such example. Founded in 1958, the restaurant is what I would describe as romantically rustic. There are big wine barrels amongst the tables, which makes the decision on what to drink a fairly obvious one. Once you’ve selected your local wine, pair it with the pamboli mixto – brown bread with olive oil, tomato, cured ham and cheese – and the Mallorcan pork sausage, which is another hit amongst guests. Address: Plaça Obispo Berenguer de Palou 8, Palma De Mallorca  

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