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Let’s face it, by this point we hardly need to list the countless reasons why Portugal makes such a great holiday destination, so rather than go over its many awesome features, let’s instead focus on just one aspect today: the museums.

That’s right, no matter what sort of culture vulture you are, Portugal has some fabulous museums scattered on its shores, all just waiting to be explored.

Come on, we know the way.

1. The Coffee Museum

black coffee and cup

We know, we know, if there was ever a reason to visit a museum then it would be to learn about that magical potion which makes Mondays somewhat more bearable.

This wonderful museum in Campo Maior is built on the Delta Coffee property and flaunts a whole host of coffee related paraphernalia.

2. Museu Nacional Ferroviario

railway bridge portugal

The MNF is a brilliant museum that narrates the history of Portugal’s railroads. Much loved by rail enthusiasts and complimented as being one of the best of its kind, you can see over 36,000 pieces as well as 19 railway lines. It’s also currently one of the finalists for the 2018 European Museum of the year award so it must be doing something right!

Located in Entroncamento, it’s definitely one of the best rail museums you’ll find and well worth a look.

3. Madeira Film Experience


This isn’t so much a museum as a cinematic homage to the history of Madeira, but however you describe it, it’s a fantastic treat for those of you intrigued by this sort of thing.

Spanning over 600 years, this 30-minute film takes you on the fascinating journey Madeira has undergone, with frequent viewings and tickets that only cost €5! Enjoy.

4. Museu Colecao Berardo

Modern Art Peice

Located in Belém, Lisbon, this is a museum of modern and contemporary art and hosts some of the most well-known and talented works by pioneers including Pablo Picasso, Bruce Nauman, and Francis Bacon. It’s the largest museum of its kind in Portugal and also offers a wide range of activities for schools and universities.

Whether you’re an art connoisseur or just know what you like, a trip around this vibrant museum is well worth your time

5. National Tile Museum

Portugal tiles

Alright settle down, there’s no need to snigger. If you’re thinking this is like a tour of your local hardware store then you couldn’t be more wrong. This tile museum is a visual tour of the historical connotations of decorative tiles and allows you to both marvel at their splendour and learn about the context in which they were made.

With exhibits ranging from the 15th century to the present day, this wonderful museum located in Lisbon also offers various workshops so you can master the art of tile decoration yourself!

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