The world is a vast place, with endless possibilities. Over the years many of us have experienced the call to venture out and see as much as possible, and as time moved forward the opportunities to experience new places have increaesed. Now people use their weekends to explore new cultures. Once-upon-a-time Spain was the most exotic location for most of us, now many of us venture as far as Thailand for our big getaway. But, what does this mean for our planet? How can we, as travellers make sure these natural landscapes and breathtaking sights are available for the next generation? According to one study, by 2035 global carbon dioxide emissions from tourism are set to increase by 135%. So, we have put together a few tips for being a little greener on your next trip, so you can help preserve the planet a little longer. 

Take a train not a plane

You can now travel further by train, and faster than ever before. You could spend the weekend in Paris or discover gothic architecture in Brussels.So, if you have the choice, travelling by train will be a much better choice for the environment and a little more comfortable too. Also, rather than hiring a car, why not try cycling or taking the bus? These may seem fairly simple options, but it will have such a positive impact on the planet.

Respect the environment

We’ve all been there, a vivid flower catches your eye and you can’t help yourself but to go over and pluck it, or you’re strolling along a well-trodden path and you soon see a much quicker way by wading through long lenghts of grass others haven't walked before, but fight the urge as this will have a much better effect on the environment.

No plastic bags

Plastic bags are the enemy of the environment. It takes one 700 years to start decomposing and can be fatal to many marine animals who mistake the coloured plastic for food. One statistic claimed a plastic bag has the power to kill three dolphins. The plastic will blow into the sea, and be mistakenly eaten by a dolphin, who then chokes and dies, the dolphin decomposes and the plastic bag is released back into the ocean to repeat the process. DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS!

Buy local

Prices may seem far more reasonable at the supermarket (this seems to be the case in most countries) but a local market is just what you need to discover a new culture. You could try your hand at some traditional recipes with fresh ingredients, grown on local land, and the environment will thank you for it.

Choose a Villa holiday

Hotels are normally the desired choice when it comes to choosing your accommodation before travelling. The general up keep of a hotel from water wastage, excessive light use and constantly washing guest towels has a huge impact on the environment. In fact, an average hotel produces one kg of waste per guest per day. But, there's an alternative, choosing to stay in a villa is the greener opetion. Only one family can stay in it at a time, preparing their own meals, using a fraction of the energy of a hotel and only washing the towels they use. What could be better?  

Doesn’t seem too difficult, right? Doing these simple things will have such a positive effect on the environment and the world will be a better place for it!